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Comprehensive Pain Management

Comprehensive Pain Management
Dealing with addiction is hard, and trying to manage pain on top of it seems nearly impossible. Just because people struggle with addiction doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have access to pain management programs. The key is to find a rehab center that offers natural treatments for both.

The Link Between Prescription Painkillers and Addiction

Utah Comprehensive Pain ManagementIn the United States, there’s a prescription painkiller epidemic. Every day, doctors prescribe painkillers to treat moderate to severe pain. The problem is that these pills don’t do anything to address the source of the problem. To make matters worse, using these pills for an extended period can lead to addiction. If prescription pain relievers are so addictive, why do doctors keep prescribing them? Under normal circumstances, they work fine and are an effective short-term option for pain management. Some doctors rely on these prescriptions for too long, though. Then, their patients develop a dependence on them.
Comprehensive pain management isn’t only about giving people prescription pills and sending them on their way. It’s about helping them determine the source of their pain and developing natural ways to deal with it. It also teaches them techniques to relieve their pain long after rehab.

Natural Pain Management

People who struggle with addiction can’t rely on the painkillers that most doctors prescribe to manage pain. Instead, they have to turn to natural methods to cope with pain. Some of these include yoga, physical therapy, and exercise.
Physical therapy is an excellent option for anyone who suffers from pain. With that said, how do exercise and yoga provide relief? When people exercise, their bodies release endorphins that act as natural pain blockers. When they practice yoga, it eliminates stress to help the body naturally focus on healing.

Types of Pain

Before people can start looking for natural pain management programs, they must determine the kind of pain that they have. The reason is that not all pain management methods work for all types of pain. In some cases, they’ll need alternative treatments to deal with extreme pain. In general, though, there are two main pain categories.
One of them is acute pain, which is intense and can come on suddenly. Most of the time, it has an underlying physical cause. Only treating the pain does little to manage it, so people have to address the cause. Acute pain can last anywhere from just a couple of seconds to six months.
The other type of pain is chronic pain. When it comes to comprehensive pain management, doctors often don’t understand chronic pain as well as they do acute pain. Unlike acute pain, the cause of chronic pain can be unclear. The problem is that chronic pain can develop from physical and psychological issues. For example, sometimes traumatic events can cause long-term pain. In such situations, people need therapy to overcome that pain.

Ardu Recovery Center Can Help You With Comprehensive Pain Management

Do you struggle with pain and addiction? If so, you can put your trust in Ardu Recovery Center for help. As an inpatient chronic pain treatment center, we understand the struggles of dealing with both pain and addiction. For that reason, we offer unique and comprehensive pain management programs.

Of course, the services that Ardu Recovery Center offers go well beyond managing pain. We strive to provide a wide range of programs and services to address all of your needs. Some examples include:

Overcoming your pain is the first step to overcoming your addiction. See what our pain management program can do for you. Contact Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234 to learn more.