When you or a man you love need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, turn to a quality men’s detox in Utah for help. Ardu Recovery Center in Provo, Utah focuses on treatment for young adult men and women. So at Ardu Recovery Center, you gain your treatment among peers in recovery, bonding with others on the same path for support and strength. Your housing and many of your therapies include only male peers, for your best comfort and growth.

Why Men Turn to Drugs or Alcohol?

Mens Detox Center in Utah - Ardu Recovery CenterThe reasons why men turn to drugs or alcohol, then needing detox for men, differ from why women start drinking or using drugs. Statistics show that men suffer a higher likelihood of substance abuse, developing severe addiction, using drugs intravenously and abusing alcohol than female counterparts.

Men also tend to avoid treatment for reasons differing from women. Men deny their problem longer and believe they can stop drug use on their own. Many men believe treatment is a sign of weakness and fear stigmas of seeking the help they need. For these reasons, a detox for men better knows how to treat males and orient them toward long-term wellness.

Why Men Seek a Men’s Detox Program

You are not alone, in seeking help from a quality men’s detox center in Utah. Men often seek gender-focused treatment. Being among other men helps them stay the course of their program and focus on what they need for lasting recovery. After all, the longer you stay in treatment, the higher your chance of avoiding relapse for the life you truly deserve.

Being in a men’s detox center takes many of the distractions out of your treatment, those occurring in coed environments. Your head stays “in the game,” and you do not experience many of the societal stigmas of being male, especially as those relate to substance abuse. Instead, you focus on what matters most, how to achieve sobriety and maintain it for the long term.

Mens Detox in Provo, Utah at Ardu Recovery Center

At Ardu Recovery Center, you or the man you love get the help needed for lasting recovery. Ardu Recovery Center’s men’s detox center in Utah and men’s alcohol rehab in Utah provide the support, education, therapies, and services needed for strong, lasting recovery. Treatment at Ardu Recovery Center includes:

In Irish Gaelic, Ardu means “to rise up.” You know you want to rise up against your addiction. You simply need the right help through a quality mens detox and rehab in Provo. This help and recovery take place at Ardu Recovery Center in Provo, so contact Ardu Recovery Center now at 801-810-1234.