On paper, a women’s detox is just like a detox for men. The goal is to help residents overcome addiction and work towards a lifetime of health and sobriety. However, it is important not to overlook the unique factors that women have to deal with on the road to recovery. At Ardu Recovery Center, a women’s detox center in Utah, residents can get the specific help they need to succeed.

Creating a Safe Environment for Women

Women's Detox Center in Utah - Ardu Recovery CenterThere are many different reasons why a woman might want to participate in a women’s detox. Overall, however, the most popular reason is that female residents want a safe and secure environment. Some women, while in the midst of addiction, suffered at the hands of men. Completing a detox program alongside men can be challenging.

Detox is a time of renewal and growth. It is important for residents to feel comfortable and strong, but that can’t happen if they are always on edge. By choosing a women’s detox center, some residents will feel more secure. While not every woman wants or needs detox for women, it can be helpful for certain individuals.

Unique Risks Faced by Women in Detox

Detox for women brings all kinds of risks. To start, most residents will deal with a number of withdrawal symptoms. Some of these are just uncomfortable, but others can be quite serious. Women also face risks unique to their gender. For example, some women complete a detox because they are pregnant and they want a healthy pregnancy.

Women are also more likely to be victims of assault or abuse. A detox might be the first time that they have had to confront these experiences, and it can be difficult. Therefore, it is important for a women’s detox center to have counselors or therapists on hand.

Designing a Space for Honesty and Openness

Breaking free from addiction is a chance to have a new life. To achieve your best possible life, it is vital that you’re open, honest and vulnerable during recovery. If you’re surrounded by men, however, that can be challenging.

In a women’s detox, it is easier for residents to be themselves. There is no reason to be afraid, and there is no need to show off or appeal to the opposite sex. As a result, women can be free to relax and be honest about their struggles and their goals.

After a Women’s Detox: What Comes Next?

Completing a program at a women’s detox center in Utah is just the first step on the road to recovery. Once detox is complete, you can learn how to make sobriety a part of your life forever. That usually means a rehab program that helps you get to any underlying issues, resolve them and practice relapse prevention.

A lot of residents benefit from finding a combination of women’s detox and rehab center. Having detox for women and rehab for women in the same location makes it easier to transition from one program to the next according to your own timeline.

Completing a Detox at Ardu Recovery Center

If you’re looking for a women’s detox center in Utah, Ardu Recovery Center fits the bill. At a women’s detox center, you’ll have access to all the best treatments and therapies, and you’ll also have a supportive and secure environment. Some of the treatments you can expect include:

If you’re searching for a women’s alcohol rehab center in Utah or a place to overcome drug addiction, try Ardu Recovery Center in Provo, Utah. Contact Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234 to learn more about women’s detox options and how to rise up to a lifetime of sobriety.