Once called manic depression, bipolar disorder causes sudden changes in mood, energy, and behavior. These shifts do not affect only the person with the condition, but also people around them. Bipolar disorder also frequently leads to drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, in an attempt to self-medicate the high and low swings. When you want a better life after addiction and bipolar disorder, you need rehab and bipolar disorder treatment at the same time.

Your Dual Diagnosis with Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Center - Ardu Recovery CenterWhen bipolar disorder and addiction occur together, doctors call this condition a dual diagnosis. Many dual diagnoses exist, with many mental health problems pairing with addiction. In fact, about 56 percent of people with bipolar disorder also struggle with substance abuse. The chosen substance is alcohol for 46 percent of people with bipolar disorder, according to the American Journal of Managed Care.

Having a dual diagnosis makes your bipolar disorder treatment more challenging. It also makes drug or alcohol rehab more complex. But you can rise up against both of these conditions at the same time through dual diagnosis treatment. Doctors no longer advise treating only one condition at a time, as the untreated one only drives the recovered one into quick relapse.

Some of the most evident signs of bipolar disorder are manic swings. These swings include periods of deep depression with periods of increased activity and an extreme sense of self-importance.

Being emotionally unstable in these ways interferes with your addiction rehab and bipolar disorder treatment. It makes it harder to meet the goals of your treatment plan. This is another reason why you need dual diagnosis treatment for both of your conditions. With the right help, your addiction and bipolar disorder treatment can successfully change your life.

Why Bipolar Disorder and Addiction Pair

Bipolar disorder and addiction commonly go together, as said before. But why? According to experts in bipolar disorder treatment, the pairing results when individuals with bipolar disorder attempt to self-medicate to feel better as part of daily life. They seek to rid themselves of the difficult symptoms they experience on a daily basis.

This common tie between substance abuse and mental health is not specific only to bipolar disorder. Instead, many mental health conditions lead people to addiction. One in four people in the United States diagnosed with a mental health condition also reports struggling with drugs or alcohol.

Bipolar disorder symptoms include anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain. These symptoms cause so many problems that you start drinking or using drugs. But substance use only makes your symptoms more intense, also triggering bipolar episodes.

Regardless of why you use drugs or alcohol with your mental health problem, you need co-occurring condition bipolar disorder treatment. Ardu Recovery Center meets your treatment needs in Provo, Utah, as a top-quality addiction and bipolar disorder treatment center. At Ardu Recovery, you gain a mix of therapies and treatments, including those for both physical and behavioral health.

Ardu Recovery’s Bipolar Disorder and Addiction Treatment Program

At Ardu Recovery Center’s Utah-based addiction and bipolar disorder treatment center, you gain the right mix of therapies and treatments for lasting recovery. With this help, you can live a better life without addiction and mental health problems.

Ardu Recovery Center’s addiction and bipolar disorder treatment center programs and therapies include:

The Irish Gaelic term “ardu” means to rise up. You rise up against your dual diagnosis through the help of Ardu Recovery Center’s addiction and bipolar disorder treatment. So contact Ardu Recovery Center now at 801-810-1234