When considering addiction treatment, you must look at the full picture of your personal history. If you suffer past trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), your substance abuse likely roots in that untreated trauma. If nothing else, substance abuse and addiction make your PTSD symptoms worse and vice versa. This is why you need a PTSD treatment center, one providing dual diagnosis care.


What Is PTSD?

PTSD Treatment Center - Ardu Recovery Center, Provo UTPTSD includes a collection of symptoms occurring after you suffer extreme personal trauma, such as through military service or other life events. Many people start showing PTSD symptoms months or even years after the traumatic event. Such events triggering these effects include the death of a loved one, physical threat, criminal victimization or self-injury. Other causes include sexual assault, childhood abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters, and combat.

PTSD symptoms include anxiety, depression, intense mood swings, sleeplessness, night terrors and appetite changes. They also include flashbacks, in which you feel you relive the traumatic events over and over again. Such flashbacks continue for years if you do not gain therapy and other treatment.

Many people with PTSD start abusing drugs or alcohol in self-medication of their problems. This starts simply, such as drinking or using drugs to sleep better or forget your life problems. At first, this seems to work. But soon you realize that substance abuse only makes the PTSD grow worse, while your addiction also grows.

PTSD Symptoms

Suffering from trauma is challenging enough. But having to relive the painful events makes life feel almost hopeless. With PTSD, people relive their trauma on a daily basis. These symptoms include confusion, anxiety, mood disorders, memory loss, attention deficit, and self-abuse. The resulting cycle feels endless until you get post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.

Other symptoms of PTSD include:

  • Flashbacks
  • Hyper-vigilance and intense fear
  • Isolation and avoidance
  • Detachment
  • Lost motivation
  • Sleep problems and nightmares
  • Intrusive memories and thoughts

Addiction and PTSD Treatment Center Help

Seeking help from addiction and PTSD treatment center opens doors to your more stable and happier future. You need treatment for both your addiction and PTSD at the same time, to break the cycle of these conditions feeding each other. This co-occurring condition treatment occurs in a dual diagnosis program.

In addiction and PTSD treatment center, you find that most of your peers in recovery also suffered trauma in their past. This proves to be no coincidence. You quickly realize that child abuse, sexual trauma, natural disasters, and combat are among the root causes of addiction. You need PTSD treatment center help, as your symptoms are unbearable, disrupting every area of your life.

Addiction and PTSD Rehab in Provo, Utah

In Provo, Utah, Ardu Recovery Center provides dual diagnosis treatment. This addiction and PTSD treatment center understand your daily struggles. So Ardu Recovery Center provides the therapies, education, support and services you need for reliable, lasting recovery. These methods include:

For people seeking a Salt Lake City mental health treatment program and rehab, nearby Provo provides this help. Ardu in Irish Gaelic means “to rise up,” so Ardu Recovery Center helps you rise up against your post-traumatic stress and substance use disorders. All you need to do is breakthrough your denial and reach out for available post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.

Contact Ardu Recovery Center now at 801-810-1234 for more information about addiction and PTSD treatment center help. Rise up against the problems your trauma has caused, also to put that trauma behind you.