Joint pain, swelling, and skin discoloration are just a few arthritis symptoms. However, there are numerous types of the disorder. Each presents with its unique set of symptoms and challenges. Undergoing inpatient arthritis pain treatment may be an excellent way of stabilizing the condition and your responses to it.

Arthritis is a Common Condition

Arthritis Pain Treatment - Ardu Recovery Center, Provo UTArdu Recovery Center arthritis pain treatment specialists routinely work with residents struggling with the condition. Many contact us when their quality of life decreases to unacceptable levels. Some stop exercising or participating in hobbies because of pain. Often, they realize that their health suffers as a result.

However, there’s another problem when undergoing standard treatment for arthritis pain. Doctors now prescribe opioid painkillers when nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories no longer work. Certainly, these pain medications help you deal with the discomfort of the disease. Besides that, they open up the danger of addiction.

What Alternative Arthritis Pain Treatment Looks Like

Work with Ardu Recovery Center chronic pain specialists. Because the condition is long-term, discovering pain management tools that work for you is vital. One modality is nutritional therapy. Depending on your type of arthritis, a change in diet could boost your overall wellness.

For example, meals rich in omega-3 fatty acids and whole grains offer advantages for inflammatory conditions. Besides that, avoiding processed foods reduces weight gain and high cholesterol, which inactivity can cause. An inpatient arthritis pain treatment option lets you explore a new way of cooking and eating. When you graduate from the program, making it a permanent lifestyle change is a lot easier.

Another treatment for arthritis involves mindfulness-based stress reduction. People living with rheumatoid arthritis know that stress is a trigger for the condition. The goal of this modality is healthy stress relief that doesn’t rely on drugs or alcohol. Rather than medicating the stress, you deal with it in constructive new ways.

Additional innovative holistic treatments include:

  • Electromagnetic field therapy, which may assist with boosting the function of affected joints
  • Massage therapy program participation that relieves tense muscles and stress
  • Low-level laser therapy for pain relief and cell health stimulation
  • Yoga therapy program as a way of combining slow stretches with deep breathing exercises for flexibility and relaxation
  • Acupuncture, which increases the flow of energy in the body and along painful joints for relief

Why Does a Rehab Facility Offer Inpatient Chronic Pain Treatment?

Arthritis and other forms of chronic pain frequently co-occur with addiction. You might suffer pain throughout the day. To get a good night’s sleep, you self-medicate with alcohol. Over time, you develop a physiological or psychological addiction.

Maybe a doctor gave you opioids as a treatment for arthritis. You followed all of the instructions and still developed an addiction. Then again, you might have liked the euphoric high when you took a little more. Now, you abuse the drugs.

It wouldn’t be enough to deal with addiction and send you home. Without arthritis pain treatment, you’ll experience the temptation to use again. Rather than being in constant pain and unable to function, you’ll start with opioids again. The vicious cycle repeats itself.

If you struggle with arthritis pain and addiction right now, there’s help available. Treatments include:

  • Detoxification that lets you end the physiological dependence
  • IV amino acid therapy for neurotransmitter balancing
  • Individual therapy, which encourages goal-setting and planning for long-term sobriety
  • Group therapy sessions that support coping skills development
  • Behavioral treatments for making changes to patterns of dysfunction

Learn more about new approaches to addiction therapy and arthritis pain treatment today. You don’t have to suffer any longer. Rise up again, and become stronger. Contact Ardu Recovery Center specialists today by calling 801-810-1234.