People abuse many drugs in the United States. However, one type that they abuse the most is prescription painkillers. According to the U.S. government, the country is in the middle of a prescription pain pill epidemic. This epidemic makes pain pill addiction treatment more important than ever.

Is There Really a Prescription Pain Pill Epidemic in America?

Pain Pill Addiction Treatment Program - Ardu Recovery CenterYes, millions of people have used or currently use prescription pain pills. To make matters worse, the number of people who die from overdoses is on the rise. From 1999 to 2016, the number of people who died from painkillers increased from under 10,000 to over 40,000.

The worst part is that the government expects this number to continue rising. Americans have to find a better way to manage pain. Otherwise, prescription pain pill misuse will continue. Experts also believe that deaths are avoidable if people get help through a pain pill addiction treatment program.

Why Are People Abusing Pain Pills?

People abuse pain pills for numerous reasons. However, most experts believe that overprescribing is the biggest problem. Many doctors get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies to prescribe these pills. As a result, it’s more financially beneficial for them to treat symptoms instead of underlying problems.

Of course, even doctors can’t prescribe pain pills forever because the government limits them. Once they stop, though, some people have already developed addictions. However, buying prescription pills illegally is expensive. For that reason, they turn toward other drugs that provide similar highs.

Unfortunately, one drug that provides a similar high is heroin. This drug is not only cheaper but also more dangerous. In a roundabout way, doctors who push prescription pain pills encourage heroin use. A pain pill addiction treatment center can break this habit.

Pain Pill Addiction Treatment

The best chance that people have of getting over addiction is to visit a pain pill addiction treatment center. Alongside helping them overcome addiction, it can solve the underlying problem. For many people, this underlying problem is the pain that they still have.

Luckily, the body has the ability to deal with pain without medication. In order to do this, though, people need to learn how to manage pain properly. Pain pill addiction treatment can teach them through exercise, yoga, meditation, and other holistic remedies.

However, the question that people typically have is, “How can exercise relieve pain?” When they exercise, their bodies release endorphins such as dopamine. The brain uses these chemicals as a reward and to trigger a pleasurable response. In addition, it can block pain signals.

For this reason, pain pill addiction treatment uses exercise to relieve pain naturally. The trick is to find a pain pill addiction treatment center that offers natural pain-relieving services. To do this, people have to look for a facility that offers a dual diagnosis program.

Ardu Recovery Center Is Here to Help

Do you need a pain pill addiction treatment program that you can count on? If so, consider getting help at Ardu Recovery Center.

We offer dual diagnosis programs to help people manage their pain and addiction. Because of that, we’re one of the leading pain pill addiction treatment facilities in Utah. Beyond offering pain pill addiction treatment, our other programs include:

Our pain pill addiction treatment program focuses on not only overcoming addiction but also treating pain. We want to provide services that you can use even after rehab to manage your pain naturally.

Don’t let your addiction to pain pills ruin your life or the lives of those around you. Learn more about how pain pill addiction treatment can help you. Contact Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234 to learn more about our prescription pain pill program.