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Medically Assisted Detox Program

Medically Assisted Detox Program
Medically assisted detox helps you end your addiction to drugs or alcohol by weaning you from your substances. This weaning takes place in a supervised setting where medical professionals give you substitute medications. Some examples of these substitutes include methadone, and benzos. Medically assisted drug programs help you stay healthy and safe, while also reducing your worst withdrawal symptoms. Most medical detox programs take three to seven days. However, this does not end your treatment for lasting recovery. Instead, you need more help through a quality drug and alcohol rehab center. There, you receive the therapies, support, and treatment you need for long-term recovery.

Advantages of Medically Assisted Detox

Medically Assisted Detox ProgramEntering medically assisted detox benefits you in many ways. These include reducing your withdrawal symptoms, which is the most challenging part of ending drug use. Withdrawal symptoms include the ill feelings you suffer whenever you try to stop using your substances on your own. These grow stronger during withdrawal, but feel easier to bear with medical assistance. Many people put off getting the rehab treatment they need because they fear withdrawal. However, you do not have to fear this process if you enter a medically assisted detox program. Helpful medical staff manage your supervised detox and keep you well fed, hydrated, comfortable, and relieved of many of the worst withdrawal effects.
Using substitute drugs like methadone and benzos make getting through supervised detox easier, when needed. But it also makes entering rehab treatment easier, when you do not suffer as many ill effects of ending your opioid or alcohol problem. Experts believe you enter rehab in a better mindset, thanks to medically assisted detox.

Is a Medically Assisted Detox Program Right for Me?

A medically assisted detox program is not right for everyone. Your doctor decides on the right detox and rehab programs for you. But some detox centers provide a mix of options for ending your drug or alcohol dependence. These include medical assistance, as well as holistic methods.
If you do not suffer opioid or alcohol addiction, holistic detox is the right choice for you. Holistic methods include a mix of comforts, such as medical supervision, nutrition, hydration, and wellness activities. But holistic does not necessarily mean “medication free.” For some of your symptoms, such as headaches, you still receive helpful medications to ease ill effects.

Rehab Treatment After Detox

Remember while in detox that you need rehab treatment to end your addiction. Simply feeling good after the drug clears from your system is not enough to keep you from falling back into drug or alcohol abuse. Instead, you need a mix of therapies received in a quality rehab program.
Besides therapies for building your coping skills and a strong foundation for recovery, you possibly need help for a co-occurring mental illness. Many people use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate, not realizing they have an underlying mental condition like depression or anxiety. Through talk therapies, behavioral therapies, wellness activities and dual diagnosis treatment of rehab, you gain complete wellness that sets you up for success.

Addiction Detox and Rehab in Utah

In Provo, Utah, Ardu Recovery provides holistic, supervised detox, and a medically assisted detox program help for drug and alcohol addiction. Together with your doctor and addiction counselors, you decide upon the right fit for your detox needs. Following your withdrawal process, you enter Ardu Recovery’s rehab program to really change your life.
Programs of Ardu Recovery include:

Ardu Recovery gains its name from the Gaelic term for “rise up.” You can rise up against the addiction in your life. You just need the right help from a supervised detox program. So, for yourself or the person you love, contact Ardu Recovery Center at 801-810-1234 for more information about medically assisted detox, holistic detox, and rehab treatment.