Your addiction to prescription drugs isn’t your fault. Instead, a broken medical system fuels a habit at every turn. During rehab, Ardu Recovery Center specialists work with you to regain control. Their tool of choice is medication therapy management.


How Anonymity and Lack of Communication Make Prescription Drug Abuse Easy

Medication Therapy Management Program - Ardu Recovery CenterIn the past, a doctor would oversee all aspects of your care. He would know what prescriptions you received. Today, physicians refer out most patients. Medication therapy management no longer happens.

At best, a pharmacist may alert you to drug interactions. However, since many people shop at various pharmacies, even this safeguard goes by the wayside. Therefore, it’s easy to receive more medications than necessary. Most importantly, this lack of oversight feeds addictions in susceptible individuals.

Without Medication Therapy Management, Abuse Is the Tip of the Iceberg

If you have an addiction to pain pills, stimulants, or benzodiazepines, it’s easy to feed the habit. Similarly, there are other problems. Experiencing overdoses happen frequently. To makes matters worse, you might have multiple drugs in your system when you seek help.

Rehab Introduces You to Effective Medication Therapy Management

When working with Ardu Recovery Center addiction specialists, you learn about effective medication management. It’s a practice that enables you to use prescription drugs safely. Most importantly, a medication therapy management program helps you quit abusing these types of drugs. Here’s how it works.

You work with a central provider for your healthcare needs. This includes monitoring of maintenance medications as well as one-time treatment drugs. Most importantly, this entity understands your substance abuse background. It becomes a safeguard against sliding back into chemical dependency after getting sober.

At the Ardu Recovery Center, your therapist works with you on medication management. After graduation from the program, it’s a good idea to select a trusted primary care physician or pharmacist. Compliance with this aspect of treatment is crucial for lifelong sobriety. Similarly, it protects you from accidental drug interactions that can create life-threatening problems.

Integrating the Modality into a Care Model

Developing a medication therapy management program is only one aspect of your care. Dealing with a substance abuse problem calls for additional treatments. When you enroll at Ardu Recovery Center, therapists customize a care protocol for you. Modalities include:

Against this backdrop, medication therapy management becomes an integral aspect of care. Most importantly, it enables you to live independently after you graduate from rehab. Doing so is also crucial for relapse prevention. Besides that, it puts you in control of your sobriety.

Taking back the reins of your life is a significant accomplishment. After drugs held you, hostage, the medication therapy management program along with the other modalities will free you. By the way, this intervention works well not just for prescription drugs. It also applies to over-the-counter substances.

Getting the Help You Need Today

Ardu Recovery is a medically assisted recovery center. Therefore, you receive innovative care. Furthermore, medication management is one of the evidence-based practices. Don’t you owe it to yourself to make a lasting change?

Finally, contact Ardu Recovery Center experts at 801-810-1234 to learn more about medication therapy management and lifelong sobriety. It’s time to rise up!