Massage therapy provides effective treatment during both detox and rehab. However, many people do not yet realize the benefits of receiving a massage during these important recovery steps. Massage helps you reduce your physical symptoms of withdrawal and cravings. It also enables you to relax, treating anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring conditions of addiction.

Many people consider that massage is a luxury. However, the reality is that massage provides many benefits in the early phases of addiction treatment, as well as through long-term recovery. You gain emotional, mental, and physical benefits from this holistic practice that reduce your risk of relapse, promote healing and bring positive results to your treatment.

Massage is a highly beneficial addition to a quality addiction treatment program. It helps you build self-esteem, increases the production of natural feel-good chemicals in your brain, decreases stress, improves your mind-body connection, and promotes self-care.

Massage Therapy During Early Recovery

Massage Therapy Program - Ardu Recovery Center, Provo UTGetting through detox presents challenges. But, you also do not know what being clean feels like. Many people experience sore muscles and joints in detox and for a long time after that as their bodies learn to function without drugs or alcohol. This is one reason why a massage therapy program works so well from even your earliest moments of sobriety.

Massage therapy comforts you, releasing muscle tension and relaxing you through the basic boost of human touch. Newly sober, you must learn how to manage your feelings and behaviors again. This makes you tense, leading to headaches, sore muscles, and other symptoms of tension. Many people also suffer co-occurring anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders which can cause added stress.

Holistic therapies like massage therapy treat your mind, body, and spirit at the same time. Massage opens you up to human touch again, after a long period of feeling isolated, antisocial, and even traumatized. Through a massage therapy program treatment, you do not have to rely on words to gain comfort for your symptoms.

Specific Benefits of Massage Therapy in Detox and Rehab

Massage as a holistic method of detox and rehab helps in many ways. Specific benefits and effects of massage during this important time include:

The release of serotonin and dopamine, your natural feel-good chemicals

  • Cortisol stress level decrease
  • Reduction of heart rate and BP
  • Reduced agitation and anxiety
  • Better sleep and drug-free healing
  • Removal of metabolic waste through the lymph system
  • Reconnection to your body and physical awareness

One of the most important benefits of massage is that of building trust. For far too long you have kept yourself distant from others. So during the massage, you realize you benefit from closeness to others. This actually rewires your brain to respond positively to physical touch.

Many people experience emotional changes during massage therapy program treatment. This emotional response ranges from sadness and crying to happiness and more relaxed, restful sleep.

Massage Therapy for Addiction Recovery in Provo, Utah

In Provo, Utah, Ardu Recovery provides massage therapy for addiction recovery. But massage is just one mindfulness based intervention Utah detox and rehab at Ardu Recovery provides. Other recovery treatments include:

Ardu means “rise up” in Gaelic. At Ardu Recovery you gain all of the treatments and support you need to rise up against your own addiction. So, contact Ardu Recovery Center now at 801-810-1234 for information about available programs.