When people abuse drugs, their hormones become out of sync. Because of that, their ability to behave and act naturally diminishes. Thankfully, using natural hormone therapy can return the order to their hormones. It’s actually a critical part of drug rehab that many facilities don’t take into account.

With Which Hormones Do Drugs Interfere?

Natural Hormone Therapy - Ardu Recovery Center, Provo UTIt’s clear that drugs interfere with hormones in the body, but which hormones do they affect? Dopamine is one of the main ones. It simulates positive feedback or a reward signal when people do something that they enjoy.

When people eat something that they like, for instance, the body releases dopamine to trigger positive feedback. It also releases this hormone when people have sexual intercourse or participate in events that they find pleasurable. Drugs, however, abuse this hormone, causing the body to release large amounts of it.

Serotonin is another hormone that drugs trigger the body to release. It also produces pleasurable sensations. Unlike dopamine, though, it makes people feel calm or increases their sense of well-being. In fact, antidepressant drugs increase or boost serotonin production to relieve depressive symptoms.

The hormones that drugs interfere with don’t end there. Others include epinephrine and cortisol. Epinephrine or adrenaline activates the body’s fight-or-flight response. Cortisol is a hormone that the body releases to deal with low blood sugar and stress.

How Can Natural Hormone Therapy Help?

Natural hormone therapy works differently than previous hormone balancing methods. At one point, doctors used pills and other medications to balance hormones. However, increasing hormones in this way raised the risk of heart problems and strokes.

Now, doctors use natural hormone therapy to normalize the production of hormones in the body. It allows rehab centers can get hormone levels back to normal during drug treatment. They can use various methods to achieve that, including changing people’s diets and promoting exercise. That’s why exercise and having a healthy diet is a major part of rehab treatment.

Teaching People How to Manage Stress

Another natural hormone therapy is stress management. Learning how to manage stress can help people control the release of hormones in their bodies. Of course, it does more than help people with hormone balancing.

Stress management is a great coping skill that helps people who suffer from drug abuse. When they feel stressed, they start to look for ways to deal with that stress. For those who suffer from substance abuse, drugs are a clear answer.

However, dealing with stress in this way isn’t healthy. It also doesn’t provide a long-term solution to drug problems. Learning to deal with stress naturally isn’t just healthier. It helps those with mental health disorders and addiction avoid relapse.

Ardu Recovery Center Can Teach You More About Hormone Therapy

Ardu Recovery Center is a Utah holistic treatment center. We help people overcome drug addiction in safe and natural ways. We offer a wide variety of holistic treatment options that can help you with hormone balancing. Some of the different programs that we offer include:

We’re happy to offer detox services as well. At Ardu Recovery Center, we understand that detox is an essential part of any drug rehab program. Instead of making you go elsewhere for detox services, we offer them on our campus. This approach to treatment eliminates the stress of transferring between facilities to get the comprehensive care that you deserve.

Let us provide natural hormone therapy to help you overcome drugs. Learn how balancing your hormones can make all the difference in the world when it comes to drug rehab. Contact Ardu Recovery Center today by calling 801-810-1234.