When you seek recovery after lengthy substance abuse or addiction, psychotherapy plays an important role in your progress. This type of talk therapy provides you with individualized counseling, guidance, and support. It also offers healing of past trauma and other problems. This treats the root causes of your addiction, opening doors to lasting recovery.

How Psychotherapy Works in Addiction Treatment

Psychotherapy Program - Ardu Recovery Center, Provo UTFor your psychotherapy, you work with a licensed therapist in private, one-on-one talk therapy sessions. Through these sessions, you gain insight into your addiction. You also become more self-aware and develop greater inner strength. These sessions usually last one hour on a recurring basis, such as one or more times per week.

Your psychotherapy sessions take place according to your individual needs. Your therapist gets to know those needs in the first sessions and as you progress in the therapy work.

If you falter in your rehab program, your psychotherapist helps you get back on track by inspiring and encouraging you. This occurs through guidance to your own motivations for getting sober, for example.

Your therapy covers a wide range of issues. But most therapists help you work on areas of your life that preoccupy you. These types of issues include:

  • Rehab progress
  • Recovery obstacles
  • Personal interactions
  • Symptoms or cravings
  • Coping skills use
  • Goals

Therapy sessions usually end with clear goals for coming days.

One thing to remember about your psychotherapy program is that your therapist works with you for your best results. This person does not criticize or judge you. They also do not tell you what to do. Instead, they guide you to finding your own path to greatest personal strength and recovery.

Individual vs. Group Therapy

When in rehab treatment, your psychotherapy program complements other types of therapy, such as group therapy and medical methods. Through a combination of methods, you gain the greatest benefit. For example, individual talk therapy expands on topics you discuss and learn about through group therapy. At the same time, group therapy provides social, educational and relationship building aspects you do not usually gain through individual counseling.

Group therapy also broadens the methods used for achieving the most personal growth. Group sessions include education, support, holistic therapies, recreation, and experiential activities. In group sessions, you also build coping skills, relationship skills, and new hobbies or interests. Among your peers, your self-esteem expands, and you feel more connected to your treatment program.

The differences between individual and group therapy reveal why most rehab treatment programs use both types of sessions. You can also rely on individual talk therapy or support groups in aftercare, when you return to your home community and throughout your recovery.

Psychotherapy in Utah Rehab Treatment

In Provo, Utah, Ardu Recovery Center provides a psychotherapy program as part of rehab treatment. During this therapy, you learn why you started abusing drugs or alcohol and how to build a better future from within yourself. Along with talk therapy, other programs and services of Ardu Recovery include:

Ardu Recovery Center’s name comes from the Irish Gaelic term for “to rise up.” You can rise up against your addiction problems and build a better future through psychotherapy and other treatment in Provo, Utah. Contact Ardu Recovery Center now at 801-810-1234.