Few drugs in the United States are more dangerous or addictive than heroin. In fact, the country is in the middle of a heroin epidemic that keeps spreading from state to state. Because of this, the need for a proper heroin rehab center in Utah has never been greater. However, what is heroin, and what should people look for when they get heroin treatment?

What Is Heroin?

Utah Heroin Rehab Center - Ardu Recovery Center, Provo UTBefore people search for a Utah heroin rehab center, they must learn about heroin. It’s an opioid that comes from morphine, which drug makers derive from poppy plant seeds. This plant typically grows in different areas around the world, including Colombia, Mexico, and part of Southwest Asia.

Heroin itself comes in a few forms and has a variety of names. The most common type in which people find the drug is as a brown or white powder. With that said, it can also come as a sticky, black substance that they call black tar heroin. Some of the other names that they use include:

  • Hell dust
  • Smack
  • Horse
  • Big H
  • Snow
  • Dragon

People can use the drug in several ways as well, including smoking and snorting it. However, one of the most dangerous ways to use heroin is via injection. No matter how people take it, though, it’s addictive. In general, they develop an addiction faster when they inject it.

What to Look for in a Utah Heroin Rehab Center?

When people search for a heroin rehab center, they need to keep a few things in mind. The first thing to remember is that rehab is just one part of the recovery process. The other part of recovery is detox. Because of the extreme withdrawal symptoms that manifest when they quit using, doctors recommend that they find a detox center.

People can always find heroin detox Salt Lake City has to offer. However, it’s best when they can find a rehab center that also provides detox. Getting both rehab and detox in the same place makes it easier on them. Studies also show that they tend to recover from drugs quicker.

It’s important to find a Utah heroin rehab facility that offers dual diagnosis treatment in Utah as well. Addiction rarely appears alone. Other mental health problems typically accompany it, including clinical depression and anxiety.

Next, they should look for a place that also takes holistic treatment into account. A heroin rehab location that offers traditional and holistic treatment can provide the most comprehensive care. Holistic services may include yoga, exercise, and art therapy. These activities can reduce stress and teach essential life skills.

Furthermore, people have to look for a heroin rehab center that teaches them coping skills. Learning these skills during heroin rehab helps them throughout every stage of recovery. Coping strategies can even mean the difference between relapsing and staying sober.

Count On Ardu Recovery Center for Heroin Treatment

At Ardu Recovery Center, we take great pride in providing heroin rehab support to young adults. Our residential treatment center iw in the heart of Utah with many activities to enjoy nearby. We’re often able to treat those who have failed to overcome drug addiction elsewhere.

As a Utah heroin rehab facility, Ardu Recovery Center offers both detox and rehab services. We have dual diagnosis treatment as well. We consider ourselves to be a heroin rehab center that provides hope. Some of our other services include:

Don’t let heroin addiction ruin your life or the life of a loved one. Get the heroin rehab help that you need. Call Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234 for more information.