Many American medicine cabinets hold codeine cough syrups or other forms of this painkiller and cough suppressant. However, you should never underestimate the strength of codeine as an opioid, or how difficult ending your addiction truly feels. These provide just a few important reasons for turning to a quality codeine addiction treatment detox and rehab for help.

Detox and Rehab for Codeine Addiction Treatment

Codeine Addiction Treatment - Ardu Recovery Center, Provo UTHaving easy access to codeine does not lessen the drug’s hold on you, as said before. It works well to ease moderate pain, just as it also helps suppress coughs during colds or other viruses. But breaking your repetitive use of codeine takes work.

You start your journey to freedom from addiction in detox. You then need codeine addiction treatment in a licensed rehab. Only through these two clear steps to recovery is life without codeine truly possible. In these programs, you gain the medication, therapies, support, and education you need to achieve and maintain control over a healthier, happier life.

You gain your best chance of recovery from even a severe codeine addiction when you change your living environment during treatment. Going into a residential rehab among other young adults just like you helps you focus on your recovery. You gain a tight-knit circle of support while you learn and grow in healthy ways. By focusing on your own wellness for 24 hours per day and seven days per week, no distractions or pathways pull you back to your codeine abuse.

Medically Supervised Codeine Addiction Detox

Detoxing from codeine takes you through many symptoms and effects because of your mental and physical dependence on the drug. In a quality medically supervised detox center, your gain comfort for your symptoms through medical supervision and management. Your drug is not as deadly as heroin but still produces terrible effects during withdrawal. These symptoms include sleep problems and depression, as well as many other ill effects.

Some of the effects of codeine withdrawal include:

  • Muscle cramps
  • Cold flashes
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Dehydration

Detox is only the first part of your codeine addiction treatment program. This part helps you return to physical wellness, after months or years of drug use. Your body cleans itself of the drug and other toxins, causing withdrawal symptoms. But once you break through these symptoms in medically supervised detox, you feel refreshed, clean and ready to start rehab.

Residential Codeine Addiction Rehab

Your best chance of lasting recovery comes through participation in two types of treatment, detox, and rehab. After detox, your codeine addiction treatment program provides group therapy, individual counseling, behavioral therapies and holistic methods designed for strong sobriety. You also learn a lot in your codeine addiction treatment program, particularly about your co-occurring conditions of mental illness and substance abuse, itself. You also gain positive support that helps you stay strong while you support others in their recovery.

Being in a licensed codeine addiction treatment center in Utah provides you with all you need to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. But where do you find this codeine addiction treatment center in Utah? Does it include detox and rehab? Furthermore, will you fit in with other people at this codeine addiction treatment and the best inpatient alcohol rehab Utah offers?

Your best chance for the life you want starts with detox and rehab in Provo, Utah. Located just south of Salt Lake City, your codeine addiction treatment at Ardu Recovery Center includes all you need for healthy recovery. You undergo this rehab treatment alongside peers, other young adults aged 18 to 28.

Programs and treatments of Ardu Recovery’s codeine addiction treatment center in Utah include:

To learn more about rising up against your codeine addiction to help you seize a better life, contact Ardu Recovery Center. Everything you need for lasting sobriety takes place at this Utah codeine addiction treatment center. Call 801-810-1234 now.