Many people hesitate in entering Xanax addiction treatment. They hold onto the belief that they can beat their growing drug abuse alone. However, you know deep in your heart that you need rehab. To help you understand your need for Xanax treatment, below are signs of addiction to this powerful benzodiazepine drug.

Is Xanax Really Addictive?

xanax addiction treatment program xanax addiction treatment center in utah ardu recovery centerXanax is a benzodiazepine, which is an anti-anxiety drug designed to act quickly for anxiety relief. However, the drug proves so powerful that even using it according to your doctor’s advice can cause addiction. This addiction starts the same as for many drugs: with tolerance. When you develop a tolerance, you need more and more of the drug with each dose, just to feel its effects.

When you try to stop using Xanax, you start feeling ill. Of course, these symptoms indicate withdrawal, which is your body’s attempts to cleanse itself of the drug and your brain’s rewiring to function normally without it.

However, withdrawal only happens in addiction. Therefore, merely needing your drug to avoid feeling sick means you need help from a Xanax addiction treatment program. This also catches you in the loop of taking pills to prevent withdrawal and using more and more because of your growing tolerance. The cycle takes you closer to potential overdose with each passing day.

If you show any signs of needing Xanax addiction treatment program, enter a rehab program right away. You can start getting the help you need just by calling your chosen rehab center.

Signs You Need a Xanax Addiction Treatment Center in Utah

Signs you need Xanax addiction treatment center in Utah include behavioral, mental, physical, emotional and social changes. In other words, your Xanax addiction adversely affects every area of your well-being and daily life.

Behavioral, emotional, and social changes of Xanax addiction include mood swings, anxiety, irritability, secrecy, lying about drug use, missing important events, and lost interest in favorite activities. Mixing the drug with other drug or alcohol abuse is a major red flag. You suffer emotional instability, and it affects every area of your life.

Mental changes of Xanax abuse and addiction include aggression, thinking problems, confusion, depression, concentration problems, hallucinations, and impulsive behaviors. You may also experience paranoia, short-term memory loss, lost motivation, and loneliness.

Contrary to what you hoped from Xanax, your anxiety and panic attacks increase after addiction, just as your cravings for the drug worsen. You notice you sleep more, suffer lack of motivation, avoid conversations and stop achieving your goals. Your friends and family stop trying to engage with you, growing weary of how “checked out” you prove yourself to be, since using Xanax.

Furthermore, physical changes because of your need for Xanax addiction treatment include slowed breathing, a sense of calm when using the drug, collapsed or weak muscles, drowsiness, dry mouth, and headache. You feel uncoordinated, lightheaded, nauseous, sedated and shaky. Additionally, you possibly suffer seizures, slurred speech, and overall sluggishness. Before these symptoms adversely affect your health, find a Xanax addiction treatment center in Utah that can help.

Finding Xanax Addiction Treatment

Ardu Recovery provides Xanax addiction treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab center in Utah. This Xanax addiction treatment program in Provo includes:

Ending your addiction to Xanax is possible through the help and support of a quality, accredited Xanax addiction treatment center in Utah. Finally, you can rise up against your addiction at Ardu Recovery. Contact Ardu Recovery Center now to learn more about rising up for yourself and ending your Xanax addiction.