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8 Tips to Avoiding Alcohol During the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, it can be a tough time for those trying to avoid alcohol. With spiked eggnog, holiday parties, and stressful situations, there is often drinking. Get through and even enjoy your holidays without a drip of alcohol. We’ve got a few tips to help you out: 

1. Bring a Sober Friend

Headed to a holiday party? Bring a sober friend. There will likely be alcoholic beverages there, and it will be much easier to face with a friend. It can be challenging to be the only one at the party not drinking—avoid this problem by ensuring you’’ have the company and support you need. 


2. Don’t Act on Impulsive Decisions

Holidays can be stressful. On top of that, the holidays are often a time for family events—which can also be stressful. It’s natural to have an impulse to have a drink. Be prepared for that impulse when it comes—decide before you feel the craving to ignore it. Distract yourself if needed. 


3. Be Assertive

Odds are, you will be offered a drink or two during the holidays. Be confident—you can say no. Stick by your guns. Visualization may be helpful—picture yourself turning down a drink and still enjoying the party. This is an effective tool for many successful athletes. 


4. Have Other Drinks

Just because you can’t have an alcoholic drink doesn’t mean you can’t have any drinks. Have a mocktail, a soda, or another enjoyable drink. This will help you to avoid feeling left out when surrounded by people drinking. There are plenty of delicious and fun non-alcoholic options for drinks. If you think a party may not have these options, bring your own. 


5. Don’t Go Hungry 

Never let yourself get too hungry. Before you head to a holiday party, have a small snack. Fill yourself up with other things aside from alcohol. Of course, be careful not to place one addiction with another—overeating is a common coping mechanism. 


6. Remember Your Why

Having motivation for giving up drinking is vital. Why are you doing this? Is it for yourself? For your family? Other loved ones? Remember your why in your moment of weakness. It could help you power through. 


7. Forgive Yourself

So, you slipped up. You had a drink. It happens. Let it go and move on. No need to turn a one time mistake into a real problem. Don’t be so hard on yourself—move forward. One drink does not need to derail all of your progress. 


8. Avoid Triggers

If you know that something is a trigger for you and will lead to you taking a drink—avoid it. Knowing your triggers is vital. There may be certain things or situations that lead you to drink—identify them and avoid them. 


If you or a loved one is dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, contact Ardu. We can offer hope and healing as we work together down the road of recovery.