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Motivational Interviewing Utah

When you seek help for your long-term drug or alcohol abuse, what type of therapies and programs do you need? You need the basics of detox, residential rehab, individual counseling, and group therapy. However, behavioral therapies provide an even better potential for long-term recovery. These include CBT, DBT, and motivational interviewing.

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Utah Motivational Interviewing Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) are two types of behavioral therapies used to treat addiction and other behavioral issues. CBT focuses on helping you learn how your thoughts shape your feelings and behaviors in life. By changing your thoughts, you make changes in your feelings and behaviors. DBT is a type of CBT. DBT enhances how CBT works by helping you react better in dealing with other people. The basis of DBT is that some people react more intensely to emotional situations, like those of relationships. Maybe you know yourself to become angry, inflamed, fearful, or emotional more quickly than others. You may also see that you take longer than other people to recover from your emotional outbursts and relationship problems.
CBT takes place in individual sessions over a limited period of time. DBT also takes place in one-on-one sessions but adds group therapy to the mix. In group DBT, you learn how to effectively relate to others, accept reality or feelings of distress, regulate your emotions and remain mindful. These therapies often accompany motivational interviewing, another behavioral therapy.

What Is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational interviewing takes you from uncertainty in your life to making the right decisions toward set goals. In other words, you stop sitting still in your life and start moving forward in positive ways. This type of therapy helps people in rehab today, just as it has for over 30 years.
At some point in their lives, many people find themselves stuck in a rut. Additionally, some feel comfort in not going forward. This is common in addiction. However, motivational interviewing also treats other mental illnesses that often accompany substance abuse, including depression, anxiety, or gambling problems.
In this drug and alcohol rehab therapy, your therapist works with you to spark your own progress. This method leads you to change on your own terms, instead of being forced. Along the way, you explore how you feel about the changes in your life, through sessions with your therapist. Your therapist in motivational interviewing supports you and allows you to make your own choices and decisions.
The best parts of this therapy are your own growing desire for positive change in your life and the trust you build with your therapist. Your therapist listens to you, maybe being the first person to do so for a very long time. This helps you want to improve your life and gets you excited about the process. You see yourself reach early goals and this pushes you forward to achieve more.

Do I Need the Motivational Interviewing Utah Provides?

Your therapist helps you understand what therapies you need in rehab. This is true of motivational interviewing Utah, just as it is true for CBT, DBT and other therapies. So, where do you gain the motivational interviewing Utah trusts most? That treatment takes place at Ardu Recovery Center in Provo, Utah.
Ardu Recovery Center gains its name from the Celtic Irish term for “rise up.” For so long, substance abuse caused you to remain stagnant in your life. Now, you look around yourself and see that other people have fuller and happier lives than you live right now. However, you change that through motivational interviewing Utah and other therapies.

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