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Utah Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

Opioid addiction is one of the most common and prevalent addiction in today’s society. There exist a vast variety of drugs that fall under the category of “opioid.” As a matter of fact, all have fairly similar effects and all are addictive. Ardu Recovery Center practices a strong focus on our opioid addiction treatment program and can provide each resident with a path to recovery.

What are Opioids?

Utah Opioid Addiction Treatment Program
Opioids are a classification of drugs that bind to opioid receptors in the brain. They can be any form of drug, synthetic or natural, that is derived from the opium poppy plant. Often these drugs are medically prescribed for pain management. Therefore, when properly administered and ingested these drugs can be highly effective in treating pain, diarrhea, and certain other conditions. However, despite intense regulation, these drugs are widely abused by Americans. With this in mind, an opioid abuser may exhibit any of the following signs:

  • Itchiness
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Respiration issues
Granted, these are just early signs of use. For example, someone who suffers from a more serious addiction might see much greater side effects including shaking and mood swings. Along with this, opioid withdrawal is particularly uncomfortable and for this reason, many who attempt to quit without medical assistance relapse. Ardu Recovery Center’s Utah opioid addiction treatment program gives you the boost you need to finally beat your opioid addiction safely and comfortably.

What to Expect from a Utah Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

Fighting opioid addiction on your own can be particularly challenging. Seeking out the help of our Utah opioid addiction treatment program can give you your best chance for a safe, comfortable recovery. Ardu Recovery will supply you with various programs and tools designed to give you the ability to beat your addiction. We offer several unique options including:
Ardu Recovery Center supplies each resident multiple recovery therapy options. This helps ensure each resident gets the specific care they require, giving them the best possible chance for a successful recovery. Returning our residents to fulfilling life after treatment is our number one goal. Because of this, our Utah opioid addiction treatment program offers multiple treatment options so we can craft a perfect treatment plan for you.

End Your Addiction

The scourge of opioids continues to devastate communities across the United States. These drugs can ruin lives and become a debilitating addiction. Unfortunately, many of these addictions begin based on the use of medically prescribed painkillers. The prolonged use of these drugs for pain management can lead to addiction. Often these addictions eventually graduate to harder and stronger opioids, only increasing risk. Attempting recovery without medical assistance is often unsuccessful due to the serious side effects of withdrawal.
Ardu Recovery Center’s Utah opioid addiction treatment program can help reduce these side effects as much as possible, paving an easier road from detox to treatment to recovery. Don’t let you or your loved one become another statistic in the “war on drugs.”
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