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What Is Lean Drink? What’s So Dangerous About It

What Is Lean Drink? What’s So Dangerous About It

By now, most everyone knows about the opioid epidemic that gripped the nation. However, not everyone knows that there are variations to the theme. For example, what is lean? Most importantly, how does it factor into this discussion?

What is Lean?

What Is Lean Drink? What’s So Dangerous About ItAre you familiar with the slang term purple drank? What is lean drink if not a different name for the same drug cocktail? It’s been around since the 1980s. Almost anyone with a good understanding of rap culture knows about it.

What is lean, and how do you make it? There’s no secret formula. People make large batches of the drug by combining prescription-strength cough syrup with citrus-flavored soda. At parties, someone might offer you the concoction.

What’s So Dangerous About Lean?

Codeine is an opioid. Therefore, it has many of the characteristics that drugs under this umbrella term possess. Case in point is its ability to make you feel drowsy. Similarly, it can inhibit your breathing, which is a significant danger.

What is lean drink when compared to other opioids? It’s not an entirely fair comparison. Granted, codeine isn’t as potent as morphine, for example. That said, consider the way that you take lean.

Someone mixed the concoction, which doesn’t come with any dosing notice. Having even just a small serving may cause you to ingest many times the recommended dose. Because most people drink lean by the glass, they’re often overdosing on the drug. When you also use alcohol or other substances, you’re at high risk of suffering adverse effects.

Next, there’s the physical dependency. You might not even notice that you’re slipping into an addiction. Yet when the drug wears off, you find that you need more. And if you’ve been combining codeine with alcohol, you might be struggling with two dependencies.

Rehab Helps People Struggling with Lean Addiction

Lean is a deadly drug. It sounds so harmless because its ingredients don’t instill the same fear as other opioids. Furthermore, you figure that it’s not that bad because all your friends are doing it. This feeling is at odds with the irregular heartbeat, memory loss, or threat of coma you’re facing.

You don’t have to keep using the drug that’ll potentially kill you. Rehab makes the difference. Therapeutic interventions include:

  • Medical detoxification that takes the pain out of the process
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that encourages you to make changes in dysfunctional behaviors
  • Innovative care options such as hyperbaric oxygen chambers that help you heal physiologically and psychologically
  • Experiential therapy participation as a way to explore your reasons for using and new ways to relate to others
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for residents with co-occurring psychiatric illnesses

There’s no reason to continue suffering from a substance abuse problem when modern science offers you a way out. What is lean dependency but a sign that you need help? Rise up again with the help of a Provo rehab center. Contact Ardu Recovery Center addiction specialists today by calling 801-810-1234.