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Utah Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Addiction, as ugly as it can be, is unfortunately often accompanied by other serious physical or mental health issues. These coexisting diseases can become rather complicated in how they interact, making treatment of just one facet unsuccessful. Ardu Recovery Center is experts in the field of dual diagnosis and can effectively treat addiction presented along with other comorbidities.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?Dual diagnosis treatment is a relatively new field of addiction treatment. Prior, residents would receive counseling for drugs and certain mental health disorders at entirely different facilities at different times. As the understanding of addiction has increased links have been made to underlying mental health issues leading to drug use. Dual diagnosis treatment emerged as a way to simultaneously treat the symptoms of addiction while also treating medical conditions related to the resident’s drug use.

Ardu’s Utah dual diagnosis treatment center basically combines mental health treatment for disorders like depression and anxiety, with standard addiction treatment services. By treating residents for both sides of an issue we ensure a higher chance of a successful recovery. Often depression or anxiety can be a major reason people abuse drugs or alcohol. By attacking the addiction and the mental health issues leading to it we provide a comprehensive recovery. Not a band-aid but a true medical treatment.

Why A Utah Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

Dual diagnosis isn’t just a new trendy medical term. It’s truly effective addiction treatment. An addiction so often occurs with and is linked to mental health disorders that the separate treatment of them in people with both no longer makes sense. Ardu’s Utah dual diagnosis treatment can give those suffering from mental health disorders and addiction the best chance to recover.
Treating a dual diagnosis patient for their addiction alone does not address the root of the problem. Just like when weeding a garden, if you don’t remove the root then the weed will just return. There are a variety of mental health disorders that addiction can co-exist with. These can include but aren’t limited to:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality disorders

If you suffer from an addiction along with a mental health disorder then dual diagnosis treatment is probably the best thing for you. It can treat the addiction itself while also working to enhance your personal and mental health.

Getting Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

The way rehab centers perform addiction treatment has changed. Ardu offers dual diagnosis treatment so that our residents can receive high-quality medical care for both their addictions and mental health disorders. Our all-encompassing suite of treatments services provides each resident with personalized treatment and supportive care, bringing them out of the darkness of addiction.
Ardu Recovery Center’s Utah dual diagnosis treatment center is perfectly equipped to treat any and all cases. We have experts trained extensively in both mental health disorders and all varieties of substance abuse and addiction. Choosing Ardu for your Utah dual diagnosis treatment can give you a new outlook and new chance at life.
Addiction and mental health disorders can endanger your life, but they don’t have to. Ardu Recovery Center has the knowledge and resources to treat any and all facets of your addiction. We work endlessly to give you the best possible life.

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