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Our Utah Addiction Treatment Center

Located in the beautiful Northern Utah landscape, our facility provides the perfect backdrop for a successful recovery. Ardu has a Medically Assisted Detox Program, Women’s recovery center, Men’s recovery center, and an Inpatient / Outpatient facility specializing in Neurocognitive recovery.

About Ardu Recovery Center

Named after the Irish Gaelic word for “rise up,” Ardu Recovery Center is an innovative Mental Health Treatment Center and addiction rehab center in Utah. We set out to help clients achieve sobriety and live their happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilling lives. Our integrative medicine and therapies, such as amino acid therapy, improve the quality of life for our residents and ensure a lasting recovery.

Drug Detoxification Programs

Detox is the first and most difficult step in the recovery process. At Ardu Recovery Center, we offer clients a variety of options to address their unique circumstances. Whether you need traditional medical detoxification or prefer a holistic approach, we have the options you need to begin your treatment.

Addiction Treatment Therapies

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If you’re looking for an empowering and uplifting environment where you can pursue your recovery, look no further than Ardu Recovery Center.