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Utah Detox Center Programs

Utah Detox Center Programs
A good detox program is an essential first step in order to be assured of a successful rehab recovery program. Without one your rehab process is ineffectual. At the Ardu Recovery Center, we proudly offer a variety of detox programs designed to make the process as easy as possible for our residents.

Why Utah Detox Programs?

Today, medical science provides several ways to perform medically assisted detoxification. These processes are often much less taxing on the resident. Easing this process decreases the likelihood of relapse. Considering most relapses happen during the detox process, making it as comfortable as possible helps ensure a successful recovery. We designed our Utah detox program to do just that, giving you a strong start when beginning the treatment and therapy process.

What Drug Detox Programs We Offer

Similarly to our treatment therapies, we understand not all Utah detox programs will be effective for everyone. That is why we offer as many proven detox programs that we can. You can’t recover without first getting clean. By providing options for detox methods, we allow as many people as possible to get clean and eventually recover. Some of these various forms of detox include:
Typically using a combination of these techniques our experts formulate a detox program for you that makes the process as easy as possible. Lessening withdrawal symptoms and assisting in the bodies transition to not taking drugs are the main goals of assisted detox.

What To Expect At A Detox Center

The idea of detox and rehab can be intimidating to many people. It is not a simple ordeal and the thought of stresses it can bring lead many not to seek out help. Ardu Recovery Center’s Utah detox programs are built with this in mind. We seek to make the process as simple and painless as possible for each resident. Our variety of detox methods allow us to do this.
Typical medically assisted detoxes often involve some form of a drug to block the brain’s receptors for the abused drug while also offering some form of non-opioid pain alleviation. Medical professionals often use similar methods when treating opioid, alcohol, or benzodiazepine addictions. IV amino acid therapy utilizes a person-specific cocktail of amino acids that seek to restore and correct imbalances caused by prolonged drug use.

If you are suffering from addiction but dreading the process of detox and the effects of withdrawal contact us today. Ardu Recovery Center’s Utah detox programs are specifically designed with the intent of making the detox process as comfortable and easy as possible. Contact Ardu Recovery Center at 801-810-1234 today and take the first step to recovery.

Utah Detox Center Programs As the first step in the addiction recovery process, detox programs are offered far and wide, at both residential full treatment facilities and at detox only locations. Ardu Recovery Center believes in supporting our residents every step of the way which is why we offer multiple drug detox and alcohol detox programs at our facility. This allows for an easier recovery process, all within the same location. Old school detox programs subscribed to a plan of abstinence and not much else. This made the detox process potentially difficult and uncomfortable for many people.