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Written by Drew Redd. Mina Draskovic, B.Psy., reviewed this content for accuracy.

Millions of people living in the United States need treatment for an addiction to a psychoactive substance. Many of these people will attempt rehab but fall into relapse after leaving treatment. For some, this is because their addiction urges outweigh their desire to get clean. For others, it’s because standard treatment wasn’t enough to produce lasting results. If you’d like to give rehab a real chance, consider finding a facility that incorporates integrative medicine into its treatment plans.

What Is Integrative Medicine?

Utah Center for Integrative Medicine

Most traditional rehabs take a physical approach to  treatment. This means that the primary focus is on treating the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal. While this kind of rehab can help some people get clean, it isn’t always adequate for producing lasting change.

If your past attempts at rehab were unsuccessful, it might be time to consider finding a center for integrative medicine.

So, what is integrative medicine?

Simply put, integrative medicine is a treatment that strives to restore balance to a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Rather than honing in on one area of treatment, it takes a person’s entire being into account. A center for integrative medicine intends to guide users towards complete and enduring health.

How Does it Work?

For most users, the road to sobriety is long and marked with many challenges. Some people attempt rehab and fail several times before finally achieving real results. Whether you’ve tried rehab in the past or not, a center for integrative medicine in Utah can help you transition into the sober life you dream of.
As is with any treatment program, the core of any quality integrative medicine program is sobriety. Individuals in recovery must establish true abstinence from drugs or alcohol in order to begin the healing process. In many cases, medically-managed detox is the first crucial step towards getting clean and learning to maintain lifelong rehabilitation.
Once an individual has exhibited a period of abstinence, rehab specialists can begin constructing a treatment plan that will target their physical, mental, and spiritual needs.
Each center for integrative medicine Utah offers is a bit different, but common examples of integrative therapies include:
  • Establishing healthy values
  • Medical health -also addresses any co-occurring mental disorders that may be present
  • Experiential Therapy – like art, music, and writing therapy
  • Therapy – Trauma, Group, or Individual
  • Neurological Health – may include things like detox, wellness, and mindfulness
If you’re ready to benefit from an all-encompassing approach to treatment, consider a center for integrative medicine Utah offers. You could find the right treatment program for your specific needs, based on your history with addiction.

We Offer the Treatment Style You Need and Deserve

Ardu Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Utah that you can count on to deliver high-quality treatment. We take a complete and integrative approach to patient care that has guided thousands of people towards full recovery. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been abusing for months or even years. Our programs can provide you with the support and knowledge you need to turn your life around.

A few of our most beneficial programs and therapies include:

Real Recovery Begins With the Center for Integrative Medicine Utah Offers

Finally, rehab can be a great challenge, but living with addiction is worse. If you’re ready to overcome addiction and also learn how to maintain lifelong sobriety, choose treatment at Ardu Recovery Center in Provo, Utah. Contact Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234 to learn more about how our programs can change and save your life.

Drew Redd

Drew Redd is the executive director of Ardu Recovery Center and is dedicated to empowering people on their journey to sobriety.