types of mental illness

Types of Mental Illness

Classification of the types of mental illness people experience varies. Besides categorizing the conditions, these notes make little difference. Adding insult to injury, many sufferers don’t have a diagnosis. They don’t realize that they have a mental disorder. How Mental Health Affects the Development of Addiction Substance abuse and the various types of mental illness…

chemical imbalance ardu recovery center

Chemical Imbalance

Almost all mind-altering drugs interact with the natural chemical balance in the brain, primarily interacting with your reward centers. When you take certain drugs, neurotransmitters that communicate pleasure are activated. The more you take the drugs, the less your body produces feel-good chemicals on its own, and you develop a chemical imbalance. Eventually, you end…

cbt techniques for anxiety cognitive behavioral therapy techniques

CBT Techniques for Anxiety

The earliest forms of cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, were developed in the mid-1900s. Today, the approach is used to help people with mental health issues such as anxiety, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The idea behind the methodology is that people’s thoughts affect their behaviors, and you can…

detox symptoms symptoms of detox

Detox Symptoms

Some people avoid quitting drugs because they’re so terrified of the detox symptoms that they might experience. Many others relapse during the withdrawal process because reintroducing substances to the system is one of the only ways to reduce the discomfort. With the right supervision and medical management, however, you can diminish withdrawal symptoms and ease…