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Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program

Written by Drew Redd. Mina Draskovic, B.Psy., reviewed this content for accuracy.

Cocaine addiction has been a major public health concern for decades. Millions of people abuse this highly addictive stimulant. It’s quick highs and lows create a situation where long-term use becomes easy to fall into. Ardu Recovery Center boasts a world-class cocaine addiction treatment program in Utah geared towards eliminating the physical and mental dependency cocaine creates.

More About Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Utah

Utah Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program Cocaine is considered a stimulant. It is typically a white crystalline powder in form. Interestingly, it is produced from the leaves of South American coca plants via an intensive process. Despite this, the drug has a highly increased value on the city streets of North America. Therefore much of what is produced is smuggled north illegally. Once here, dealers often cut it with talcum powder, laxatives, or other drugs to increase profits. When cocaine is cut with fillers like fentanyl, the risk of overdose skyrockets. And yet, even by itself cocaine is highly addictive and can lead to overdose deaths. Signs of cocaine addiction include:fc
  • Changes in sleeping or eating patterns
  • Mood swings
  • Talkativeness
  • Frequent nosebleeds
These are just a few of the many possible outward personality changes one might notice. Cocaine addiction is also accompanied by a variety of physical health issues. Abusers can experience heart palpitations and other major cardiovascular risks. Ardu Recovery Center’s Utah cocaine addiction treatment program is designed to handle these and all other effects of cocaine abuse. We strive to return you to the person you once were.

Steps of a Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program

Regardless of how someone abuses cocaine, it is always a serious and potentially deadly addiction. Make a possibly life-saving decision. Seek out a cocaine addiction treatment program. Additionally, Ardu Recovery Center has equipped our Utah cocaine addiction treatment program with every step necessary to lead our residents to recovery. We guide you through each and every step of the recovery process including:
However, no matter your level of addiction or what other medical conditions you may have in conjunction, Ardu Recovery Center is well equipped to treat you. We take on even the most difficult of cases. Whether you’re new to rehab or have tried and relapsed multiple times, we can help. The addiction specialists at our Utah cocaine addiction treatment program have seen and dealt with it all. We are ready and more than willing to provide you with the outstanding care and support you deserve.

Finding the Help You Need at a Utah Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program

The seriousness of a drug like cocaine cannot be understated. It is dangerous in any and all forms. But also, how a user ingests cocaine can increase their risk. Snorting cocaine is the most common form of ingestion. Taking cocaine this way can cause trauma to the nostrils along with cardiovascular risks. Smoking cocaine, known as crack, is perhaps the worst as it affects the lungs and mouth as well. Also, it is the most psychologically addictive form of cocaine use. This is due to the instant high felt via smoking. Injecting cocaine is nearly as unhealthy as the same risks of snorting remain while also causing physical damage via needles. Use of needles for drug use also increases the risk of contracting serious diseases including AIDS.

Despite its natural source, cocaine is an extremely addictive drug. There are a whole host of serious medical conditions that can accompany cocaine addiction. Not only is the drug itself deadly in high doses but it can cause several deadly complications. Do not allow yourself or a loved one to take such risks any longer. Contact Ardu Recovery Center at 801-810-1234 today. Our Utah cocaine addiction treatment program could just save your life. Rise above your addiction.

Drew Redd

Drew Redd is the executive director of Ardu Recovery Center and is dedicated to empowering people on their journey to sobriety.