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Ardu Recovery Center

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in Provo Utah

Ardu Recovery Center is a residential addiction treatment and rehabilitation facility located in northern Utah. We offer a fully comprehensive approach to addiction treatment involving both proven medical treatments and holistic techniques. Our goal is to treat the root causes and symptoms of addiction while maintaining a strong focus on each resident’s mental health. At Ardu Recovery Center, we specialize in a large variety of detox methods including both traditional medical approaches and innovative holistic treatments. Our residential complex uses a combination of recommended medical and spiritual wellness therapies to ensure an all-encompassing recovery of both mind and body. Ardu Recovery Center provides residents with a complete rehabilitation and treatment experience.

Our Approach

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

At Ardu Recovery Center Utah, we believe in a complete program designed to break the cycle of addiction and put our residents on the path to a fulfilling life. We understand that addiction is complicated and that effective treatment requires differing approaches. This is why we offer a wide range of expert services that cover the entirety of the recovery journey. Residents on this journey begin with detox and then move into rehab and integrative mental health treatment.

We have extensive experience in treating young adults, often suffering from chronic relapses across a range of chemical addictions. Ardu Recovery Center even deals with the management of chronic pain, and more complicated cases such as co-occurring disorders. We provide recovery options with a strong emphasis on dual diagnosis and innovative holistic techniques, including:

We believe that it’s necessary to heal and care for all facets of our residents’ lives during the recovery process. Therefore, we strongly recommend and incorporate holistic techniques alongside traditional medicinal modalities.

In our experience, combining holistic and medicinal techniques allows for the most significant and meaningful recoveries for our residents. Teaching residents healthy coping mechanisms helps them maintain recovery long after they leave our facility.

One of the great things about Ardu Recovery Center is that we incorporate holistic treatments throughout each step of the recovery process. Whether through medication-assisted detox or holistic techniques, there are options suitable for everyone to allow them to rise up and recover.

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