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Utah Rehab Programs

Utah Rehab Programs
At Ardu Recovery Center, we tailor our addiction rehab programs to each individual resident to provide optimal treatment options. By finding out which therapies and services work best for each resident, we can create custom treatments plans to ensure success.

Utah Addiction Rehab Programs

Utah Addiction Rehab Programs
Ardu Recovery Center offers premier rehab programs designed to get to the core of the problem and treat the causes of addiction. Through a unique combination of therapies, our residents receive a comprehensive recovery experience.
We provide rehab programs that focus on both the physical and mental symptoms of addiction while applying innovative therapy treatments to heal the mind, body, and soul. Your addiction doesn’t define you, and the Utah rehab programs at Ardu Recovery Center are ready to help you get control over your life again.

At Ardu Recovery Center, we have expertise in a variety of complicating addiction factors. We specialize in young adults, chronic relapsers, and those dealing with dual diagnoses. Additionally, we offer non-opioid treatment and holistic pain management strategies for those who suffer from chronic pain. No matter what issues you may be struggling with, we have a rehab program that will work for you.

Innovative Treatments

At Ardu Recovery Center, our Utah rehab programs are all-encompassing and designed to heal the mind and body. We believe that by treating both facets, our residents are more likely to find success. Coupled with this dual focus, we utilize both standard medical and innovative holistic approaches to our treatments. Our residents receive the best medical treatment with options to use holistic techniques, such as:

By offering a wide variety of detox programs and addiction therapy services, we supply our residents with the best rehab programs for each individual. We understand that not every treatment is equally effective for each person. Therefore, we offer many different rehab programs to suit a variety of different circumstances. Whether at our drug rehab center or alcohol rehab center, we offer treatment options to suit the needs of individuals from all backgrounds.

Treatments with Results

Ardu Recovery Center’s comprehensive treatments rely on our dual approach to treatment. The mental damage caused by addiction is just as important to treat as the physical symptoms. That’s why all of our rehab programs are designed to treat both the mind and body. Healing must happen on all levels to ensure effective treatment.

If you or a loved one needs to break the cycle of addiction and find an effective rehab program, then Ardu Recovery Center’s Utah rehab program may be just what you need. Our treatment modalities give our residents that best chance to rise up and reclaim their lives. At least, make a life-changing decision today and contact Ardu Recovery Center at 801-810-1234.