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Is Addiction a Disease?

Is addiction a disease? Much of today’s medical philosophy says that addiction is a disease. This is known as the “disease model of addiction.” This classification is based on the fact that behavioral, environmental, and genetic factors can contribute to whether someone develops an addiction.

Is Addiction a Disease?

Is Addiction a Disease?Certainly, some people can be more prone to addiction than others. For this reason, many professionals in the medical field wonder, “is addiction a disease?” By applying a disease model to addiction, we attack it the same way we might other diseases.

We find a precise target (sobriety) and use specific, measured techniques to reach it (detox, therapies). While this methodology can be effective in treating addiction, it seems to ignore the true complexity of addiction. While addiction can occur alongside a host of medical conditions, is it really itself a disease? Not everyone believes so.

Addiction Is a Disease

Is addiction a disease? While the disease model of addiction can create effective treatments, it doesn’t get to the core of the issue with addiction. Many medical experts believe that, while addiction has disease-like qualities, it’s nothing more than a destructive habit.

Addiction is very real, but labeling it a disease is questionable. Disease implies that there was nothing you could do to avoid it. By not labeling addiction a disease, it gives those suffering from it the belief that they have the power to fix themselves, which they do.

At Ardu Recovery Center, we believe that you can beat your addiction. It’s not some unbeatable disease that you have no way of overcoming. While we assist you in any way possible, you are the one who rises above the addiction, not us. We provide all the support we can, but it is you commit to recovery and make the lifestyle changes you need to. Some of the services we offer to help you beat your addiction include:

Recovery is Possible

When you understand the answer to “is addiction a disease?”, then it’s time to get help. These tools, along with the many other services we offer, help ensure a successful recovery for each of our residents. We work closely with each one to design a custom treatment plan with the most effective treatments for each individual.

We give you the power to rise up, reclaim your life, and rid yourself of the burden of addiction. Addiction is a terrible and addictive habit. Even the simplest of bad habits can be hard to kick. That’s why Ardu Recovery Center offers you every tool possible to kick the habit of addiction for good.

Whether or not you believe addiction is a disease, it’s time to find help. To learn about beginning your recovery journey, contact Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234.