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What is Psychosomatic Pain

Did you know that your mind could contribute to your body’s illness and pain? Psychosomatic pain frequently originates in the mind but expresses itself with physiological symptoms. When you seek help from doctors, they’re often quick to prescribe pain medications. What would happen if you dealt with the root cause of the pain instead?

How Psychosomatic Pain Works

What is Psychosomatic Pain | Ardu Recovery CenterYou experience a stressful situation. Typically, you have coping skills in place that let you deal with the problem. Eventually, you overcome the situation and move on. However, there are times when the stressor doesn’t respond to your methods of dealing with it. It continues to create a problem. Over time, it becomes an emotional issue that affects you daily. The constant stress that you’re under leads to physical symptoms. Rather than overcoming the problem and moving forward, you may now be dealing with chronic pain. On a physiological level, your stress leads to nerve impulse stimulation. If you have work stress, psychosomatic pain may include chest pains. People who’re dealing with anger and grief often deal with gastrointestinal problems. Your first step toward healing is to verify that there is no natural reason for the pain.

Treating Chronic Pain without Painkillers

Once you eliminate the possibility of physical reasons for the pain, it’s time to look at the psychological aspect. A residential chronic pain treatment program offers a therapeutic environment that facilitates healing. Modalities include:
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for program participants with psychological disorders as well as substance abuse
  • Dialectical behavior therapy that empowers you to take control of strong emotional responses in stressful situations
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction that helps you ground yourself to manage recurring stressors
  • Yoga as a way to participate in slow exercises while going through guided breathing rhythms
  • One-on-one and group therapy participation that provides you with the support you need to heal and move forward
If you’re already taking pain pills, treatment specialists can help you wean yourself off the drugs. Comprehensive pain management combines mental and physical modalities. If you do require temporary pharmacological support to assist with psychosomatic pain, therapists help you choose non-addictive options. Of course, the ultimate goal is to tackle the underlying problem and manage residual pain as it subsides.

Why Choose an Inpatient Setting to Deal with Pain Management?

Visiting a doctor once or twice a week brings mixed results. Factor in that you or the professional may cancel some appointments. As s result, your condition continues to worsen over time. In contrast, a residential pain management program ensures that you focus on the condition intently. There are no missed appointments, and you spend the day undergoing healing exercises as well as counseling sessions. If therapists notice that it’s time to adjust the care protocol, they can do so right away. Therefore, there’s no limitation to your personal growth. Rise up today and make a change. You owe it to yourself to deal with psychosomatic pain once and for all. Contact Ardu Recovery Center pain treatment specialists for immediate assistance at 801-810-1234.