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Types of Mental Illness People Struggle With

Classification of the types of mental illness people experience varies. Besides categorizing the conditions, these notes make little difference. Adding insult to injury, many sufferers don’t have a diagnosis. They don’t realize that they have a mental disorder.

How Mental Health Affects the Development of Addiction

types of mental illnessSubstance abuse and the various types of mental illness go hand in hand. For example, someone struggles with social anxiety disorder. However, s/he doesn’t have a diagnosis. Rather than getting help, s/he self-medicates.

Drugs of choice may include alcohol and stimulants. This person gradually develops a dependency on the substances. He comes to rely on them for functioning. Besides that, the body now needs the chemicals to regulate brain functions.

Types of Mental Illness People Struggle With

Anxiety is a common disorder. There are different symptoms. Some people have a difficult time in social settings. Others have strong feelings of worry or fear that make daily life hard.

Clinical depression and bipolar disorders are illnesses that affect the mood. Lows and highs can be difficult to bear. Persistent sadness makes participation in life unattractive. Stimulants can be a drug of choice.

PTSD affects people who survived trauma. They can’t overcome the impact of the situation. It results in unwelcome thoughts, emotions, and flashbacks. Some abuse nervous system depressants to shut down and numb themselves.

Rehab Offers Answers Where Everything Else Failed

When you check into rehab, you undergo an assessment for co-occurring types of mental illness. At that time, many people learn – for the first time – that their struggles have a name. Most importantly, there are medications or other treatments that work. Therefore, they realize that they no longer have to self-medicate.

By removing a major contributing factor to substance abuse, healing is possible. Therapists create a care protocol that makes it doable. Modalities include:

Dealing with Mental Health Enables Lifelong Sobriety

When you know that you have a mental health disorder, it’s possible to manage it. After you graduate from rehab, there are ongoing maintenance steps to take. Some people continue seeing a therapist. Others choose medication therapy.

All have the opportunity to deal with the co-occurring mental health challenge. Now, substance abuse is no longer a necessary coping strategy. Of course, to achieve lifelong sobriety, it’s vital to keep up with the treatment. At rehab, you learn how to do so with ease.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

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