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Alcohol Addiction: 10 Signs It May Be Time to Go to Rehab

Alcohol addiction is a prevalent issue in our society and is incredibly difficult to overcome on your own. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, one in every eight adults in the United States struggles with an alcohol use disorder. This shocking statistic means that nearly 30 million people in America cannot control the amount of alcohol they consume. Over time, high-intensity drinking, binge drinking, and alcoholism can have serious adverse effects on your health. The continued misuse and abuse of alcohol can lead to chronic health issues, such as high blood pressure, liver disease, stroke, heart disease, cancer, and even death. Unfortunately, the overuse of alcohol is responsible for close to 95,000 deaths each year in America. Before you or one of your loved ones struggling with alcohol addiction becomes one of these statistics, it is important to receive the help they need. Learn more about the signs that it could be time to go to rehab for alcohol addiction below.

10 Signs It May Be Time to Go to Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

Drinking alcohol is a common and acceptable activity in today’s society and culture. Despite alcoholism having less of a stigma than drug use or addiction, it is important to remember that it still is an addiction, a disease even, and must be taken seriously, even for those that seem to be functioning normally. Alcohol use can get out of hand for many people, and getting help to overcome an alcohol addiction may be necessary. The following are ten signs that may suggest you need help recovering from a professional for an alcohol use disorder.     1.You Are Experiencing Emotional, Mental, and Physical Problems as a Result of Alcohol Use As mentioned above, long-term and short-term alcohol misuse or addiction can severely affect your health for the worse. The effects of alcoholism may not be obvious or apparent at first. However, over time, emotional, mental, and physical problems can begin to change your body and make themselves apparent. Your body is a direct reflection of how it is being treated — it will start to give you clear warning signs of your body’s current state. If you notice any of the following short or long-term health issues, it may be time for rehab:
  • Depression, irritability, and anxiety
  • High blood pressure and other heart conditions
  • Liver problem
  • Self-isolation
  • Nerve damage
  • Digestive and pancreatic issues
  • Extreme shifts in mood
  • and more.
   2. Alcohol Use Is Causing Areas in Your Life to Suffer Pinpointing the exact moment a person becomes addicted to alcohol is difficult because many alcohol abusers can incorporate the substance without others noticing much or at all. However, a problem becomes quite apparent when certain areas in your life are negatively impacted because of heavy drinking. If your relationships with family and friends, work or academic life, or other areas in your life are suffering as a result of alcohol use, rehab may be necessary.    3.You Have Found Yourself in Trouble with the Law Because of Alcohol Abuse Alcohol can lower your inhibitions and make your brain foggy, leading you to do or participate in dangerous things, such as drunk driving. Those who heavily drink or cannot control how much they drink will find this especially true and may find themselves facing problems with the law. If you have gotten into legal trouble because of your alcohol use, like a DUI, DWI, or public intoxication, you may want to consider alcohol abuse or addiction treatment.    4.You Experience Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms When You Are Not Using If you experience symptoms of alcohol withdrawal when you are not drinking, it could be a sign that you are addicted to the substance. Common physical withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism include:
  • Headache
  • Shaky hands
  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
Severe addicts may experience more dangerous and intense symptoms such as delirium tremens, also referred to as DTs. Symptoms of DTs can include:
  • Fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Intense sweating
  • Confusion
If you are experiencing any of those symptoms, it is essential to seek medical attention right away, as conditions can be deadly. Moreover, treatment for your addiction via rehab may also be necessary. It is also important to note that it is entirely possible for an addict to not exhibit any of the above symptoms, which makes seeking out medical treatment and rehab even more crucial.    5.You Have Made Alcohol a Priority in Your Life A clear sign of alcohol addiction and that a person has reached a point of needing professional assistance to recover is when an individual makes alcohol a priority in their life. When an individual loses interest in people and activities that once brought them joy, you know their alcohol use is a severe problem. If alcohol takes priority above everything else in your life, such as financial responsibilities, relationships, and commitments, it could be time to go to rehab for help.    6.Getting Through the Day Without Alcohol Seems Impossible The vast majority of alcohol addictions begin with causal or social drinking. This occasional beverage, where the consumer is in complete control of themselves and their drinking, can quickly progress into something more serious. As the addiction advances, people begin to rely more heavily on alcohol to get them through the end of their day. As soon as a person “needs” a drink in order to function, you know that addiction could be present, and it could be time to seek professional help.    7.Loved Ones Have Expressed Their Worry and Concern If your friends, family members, and other loved ones have talked to you about your alcohol use, this could indicate that there is a problem. Hearing your close circle of people you love and that love you express their worries and concerns about your addiction is not easy to hear, but it is often what is necessary for you to get the help you need.     8.You Have Tried to Quit Your Drinking Habits with No Success Those that struggle with an alcohol use disorder and try to quit drinking on their own typically do not have much success. Yes, this can feel incredibly frustrating, but it is important to know that it is not a sign of failure. Alcohol addiction is a real disease and, more often than not, requires the help of a professional to manage and overcome. If you have tried to quit your drinking habits but have not been successful, it may be time to think about formal treatment from a professional.    9.You Run Into Negative Interactions and Consequences with Loved Ones Because of Your Alcohol     Use The abuse and addiction of alcohol can significantly increase the risk of experiencing negative interactions and consequences with those you love. For instance, you may have an increased number of arguments or fights with your friends or family as a result of inebriation. The more negative interactions and consequences you experience because of your drinking, the more likely you are to benefit from rehab.    10.Blackouts Are a Regular Occurrence Because of Drinking Blackouts occur when a person has consumed more alcohol than their body can handle. During a blackout, you lose your ability to form short-term memories and are unable to recall the periods of time during your blackout. As you may have guessed, blacking out is incredibly dangerous and often puts the individual at a heightened risk of being injured or getting into trouble or a compromising situation. Experiencing regular blackouts is usually a sign that a person is suffering from alcohol addiction and could use professional help recovering.

Avoiding Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

There are many reasons a person who needs professional help with their alcohol addiction might avoid going to rehab. Between feeling shame, fear, denial, or stressing out about the potential cost of treatment, coming to terms with the fact that they need help can be challenging. Despite these feelings, it is essential to remember you are not alone, and there is help available to you. Seeking help is the first step in starting on your road to recovery.

Find Help for Alcohol Addiction at Ardu Recovery Center

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease and is rarely overcome alone, despite a person’s best efforts. Alcoholism often requires the help, knowledge, and assistance of a professional from a reputable and trusted recovery center. If you or a loved one is suffering from an alcohol use disorder, contact the experts at Ardu Recovery Center. Ardu Recovery Center is a state-of-the-art detox and residential treatment center conveniently located in Provo, Utah. We proudly offer alternative holistic and medical therapies to help you or someone you love treat the biology of your disease. With a variety of detox programs and addiction treatment services, our professionals work hard to provide the simplest transition possible. While no alcohol rehab treatment is pain-free, the experienced team at Ardu Recovery Center will work to mitigate the stress and anxiety that comes with detox and treatment. For a safe, healthy, and productive healing and rehabilitating environment in the state of Utah, contact Ardu Recovery Center today. Rise up at Ardu.