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What Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms You’ll Most Likely Experience?

What Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms You’ll Most Likely Experience?

You know that your alcohol abuse is out of control. You want to quit. What are the alcohol withdrawal symptoms you’ll most likely experience? Is there a way to get through the process safely and without pain?

The Development of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Depends on the Severity of the Use Disorder

What Are The Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms You’ll Most Likely ExperienceIt’s a common misconception that there’s just one type of alcohol use disorder. That’s just not the truth. The condition has multiple stages. Your stage frequently determines the severity of the withdrawal.

Another deciding factor is your overall health and the length of time that you’ve been using. The more time alcohol has had to make changes to your body chemistry, the longer it will take to heal. Due to the possibly severe nature of some symptoms, it’s always a good idea to undergo withdrawal at a facility. There, medical supervision of the process protects your health.

Understand What to Expect

Alcohol depresses the nervous system. When you withhold the chemical, it results in a nervous system that adjusts to a new normal. Typical alcohol withdrawal symptoms including shaky hands, headaches, and anxiety. You feel like you should be doing something, but you don’t know what it is.

You’re nauseated and may encounter gastrointestinal upset. At the same time, you struggle with intense cravings for alcohol. You sweat a lot. Also, you can’t sleep.

Depending on the intensity of symptoms, the next two days can be tough. Some people suffer from hallucinations and seizures. In rare cases, you may have to deal with delirium tremens (DTs). It’s a medical emergency that requires immediate intervention.

How Medical Detox Works

You check into the facility and meet with your medical professional. The expert takes baseline readings and examines you. As your alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you might undergo treatments that include:

  • IV amino acid therapy for physiological support
  • Around-the-clock monitoring of vitals and your overall frame of mind
  • Immediate intervention in the case of medical emergencies
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy that promotes brain tissue health
  • Mindfulness training for relaxation and stress reduction

When you work with a facility that offers rehab alongside detox, it’s easy to transition from medical to clinical care. Usually, this setup is advantageous because it prevents the interruption between the care models. You have a higher risk of relapse when too much time elapses between detox and rehab. Besides that, consider that working with therapists at one facility helps the experts to chart your progress more accurately.

Reach out for Help as Soon as Possible

Have you contacted a Salt Lake City medical detox center? Do they have no space for you right now? Less than an hour away, you can get help in Provo. Do not wait until space opens up in Salt Lake City or elsewhere.

Deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms now that you are resolving to make a change in your life. Compassionate therapists at the Ardu Recovery Center want to help you rise up and heal. You don’t have to continue suffering. Contact Ardu Recovery Center now at 801-810-1234 for immediate assistance.