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Is Mental Illness Genetic Testing Worth It?

Have you heard about mental illness genetic testing? It is just part of why modern medicine is so amazing.

Today’s medicine is absolutely remarkable. It has made incredible leaps and bounds in the last several decades in prescription medicine and major advancements in medical treatment, helping individuals avoid disability and death caused by horrible diseases. It really is a modern-day miracle that we all have the opportunity to experience and witness.

Another awesome part of modern medicine is genetic testing. It can be used to determine things like ethnic background and diagnose medical issues like your risk of developing various illnesses. There are many different types of genetic tests available.

With the information these genetic tests provide, a specialist can better diagnose diseases and determine the best treatment plan for you after your mental illness screenings. These astonishing genetic tests can even be used in diagnosing mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, OCD, anxiety, and more.

With results from these genetic tests, doctors and other professionals can determine what medication and treatment types would work best for your specific condition. But what do we know about mental illness testing? Let’s dive into what we know and whether or not it’s worth getting tested.

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How Genetic Testing Is Done

Genetic testing is a straightforward, quick, and relatively painless process. In most cases, it’s totally pain-free! How long results take to receive can vary. Some genetic tests only require swiping a cotton swab on the inside of your cheek and collecting DNA through your saliva. 

These types of tests can yield results in close to five days. A different kind of testing involves a blood draw. For prenatal testing, DNA is collected from the uterus and abdominal wall. 

These types of genetic tests can be done at a treatment center, clinic, or a different kind of doctor’s office. When looking for an office that does genetic testing, make sure to ask specifically if they can conduct mental illness screenings and genetic tests before scheduling your appointment. 

Results from these tests will vary, so ask your provider about a time frame; however, typical results will take three to five business days.

How Do Your Genes Determine Mental Health Issues?

While genetic testing has been done for over 100 years, DNA testing as we know it was refined between five and seven decades ago. Genes can be used to determine a large number of physical and mental disorders, diseases, and illnesses.

For genetic tests targeted at mental health issues, the tests identify pharmacogenetic markers found in your DNA. These markers help determine which medications might best treat a particular mental illness in a patient.

A common issue for those beginning to take medication for their mental illness, such as antipsychotics and antidepressants, is that they might need to try a few different medications before they find one that is a good fit. 

An accurate genetic test can potentially negate the tedious and draining process of trying out various prescriptions before finding the one that works, allowing your symptoms to be managed much more quickly.

How Accurate is Mental Illness Genetic Testing?

Using genetic tests to determine the likelihood of a person developing a mental illness has been accurate in many cases; however, currently, it is not an exact science. Experts in the industry say that more research is necessary before genetic testing can be used as a foolproof, 100% method of determining an individual’s potential for developing a mental health disorder.

As more research is conducted, mental illness genetic testing can become more accurate, thus becoming an excellent tool for doctors helping and treating those who struggle with a mental health disorder.

Is Mental Illness Genetic Testing Actually Worth It?

While mental illness genetic testing isn’t 100% accurate in every case, it is accurate in many cases. The mental illness screenings and mental illness testing one has to endure can be an overwhelming process. Anything that might help make this tedious process a bit easier might be well worth it! It’s really up to you and your providers to make that decision.

Other Exciting Benefits of Genetic Testing

As previously mentioned, genetic testing can be used in more ways than just mental illness testing. For example, prenatal genetic testing can accurately determine if an unborn child will be born with down syndrome or another chromosomal disorder. 

Genetic testing has also shown to be somewhat successful in determining whether a patient is at a higher risk than others for developing diseases like Alzheimer’s or cancer.

Ardu Recover Center Can Help You With Your Mental Illness

While genetic testing may not be for everyone, mental illness genetic testing might be worth it.

Mental health disorders are real illnesses and can be difficult to navigate alone, despite an individual’s best efforts. Living with these disorders, like depression, anxiety, OCD, and more, is doable when you receive the right help and are prescribed the correct medications. These conditions are often accompanied by other issues like substance abuse and addiction.

If you or someone you love wants or needs help with your mental illness, addiction, or another disorder, the professionals at Ardu Recovery Center can help. We are an experienced and knowledgeable residential addiction treatment and rehabilitation facility located in northern Utah. 

We offer our patients a fully comprehensive approach to their treatment involving proven medical treatments and holistic techniques. 

At Ardu Recovery Center, our primary goal is to treat the root causes and symptoms of addiction while maintaining a strong focus on each resident’s mental health. We specialize in a large variety of effective detox methods, including innovative holistic treatments and traditional medical approaches.

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing the simplest transition possible with an assortment of addiction recovery services, detox programs, and the support you need to manage your mental health.

If you want a safe, healthy, and productive environment to recover and heal in Northern Utah, contact the experts at Ardu Recovery Center today. Rise up at Ardu.