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Do Drugs Affect Pregnancy Tests?

Whether you’re asking for yourself or someone you love, you might wonder whether drugs affect pregnancy tests. After all, some illicit drugs have vast, drastic effects on the body. It’s no wonder it would be a question to ask. After all, a false positive or false negative test could cause unnecessary worry and trouble. So, do drugs affect pregnancy tests? And what else besides drugs could affect pregnancy test results? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about pregnancy tests and what can alter their results. 

Do Drugs Affect Pregnancy Test Results?

Drugs can wreak havoc on a baby’s development in the womb, but even with how dangerous they are to the human body, they will not alter pregnancy test results. If you or someone you love is on drugs and has a positive pregnancy test, they are either pregnant or have a false positive for a reason unrelated to drugs.  However, there is a ton of information regarding pregnancy tests that we’ll be sharing in today’s blog. Regardless of the reason for your Google search, there’s valuable information regarding pregnancy and pregnancy tests that everyone should know. 

How Pregnancy Tests Work

At-home pregnancy tests work by detecting human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone in your urine once your fertilized egg has attached itself to your uterine lining and the placenta has formed.  If you think you might be pregnant, taking a pregnancy test at least one day after your missed period is best. By this point, hCG will be in your bloodstream and urine, so it will be much easier for a pregnancy test to detect. The longer it’s been since your missed period, the more hCG will be in your system, so the more accurate your results will be. 

When A Pregnancy Test Is Wrong

It’s possible to have a false positive or false negative pregnancy test result. There are a few reasons why you could have a pregnancy test with the wrong result. One of the most likely causes is taking the test too early. The pregnancy test will have a negative result if it can’t detect the hCG yet.  Other causes of false-negative results include checking an at-home pregnancy test before the allotted waiting period is over. The test needs time to detect hCG, which can take a few minutes. Finally, too much urine can dilute hCG levels. To prevent this, take the pregnancy test first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. On the other hand, there are false-positive test results. You could get a false positive pregnancy test result if you undergo IVF or IUI. The high levels of hormones associated with these therapies can easily fool an at-home pregnancy test. 

The Solution? 

Have your medical provider administer an in-office blood hCG test about two weeks after undergoing IVF or IUI. While the wait could seem unbearable, it’s your best bet for an accurate test result. But undergoing IVF or IUI is only one of several reasons you could have a false-positive test result. Other reasons include a chemical pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy, a recent miscarriage or abortion, or certain medical conditions. 

More Reasons for A False Positive 

A chemical pregnancy can result in a false-positive result when the embryo (or fertilized egg) can’t implant. Chemical pregnancies are usually only detected if you’re actively trying to get pregnant and frequently take pregnancy tests.  An ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg implants itself outside the uterus. An ectopic pregnancy is a severe medical emergency that requires immediate medical care. If you’re experiencing intense pain, you’re spotting or bleeding, you feel dizzy, or there’s pressure on your rectum, and you have a positive pregnancy test, you should seek medical care immediately.  A recent miscarriage or abortion can yield positive pregnancy results since hCG levels don’t immediately go away. It can stay in your system for up to a month after your miscarriage or abortion. The hormone sticks around from pregnancy-related tissue.  Finally, there are medical conditions that can cause a false positive pregnancy test, including:
  • Molar pregnancy.
  • Rare antibodies.
  • Hydroxychloroquine injections.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Urinary tract infection.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Ovarian cancer.
  • Pituitary problems.
  These are all serious conditions that require medical treatment. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have one of these conditions and think you’re pregnant.

If You Think You’re Pregnant

Do you have a positive pregnancy test? The best way to ensure that your test results are accurate is to visit the doctor. They’ll confirm your pregnancy and monitor it through an ultrasound to ensure everything is developing correctly.  A false positive pregnancy test result might be a relief, or it could devastate you. It’s important to know that a false positive doesn’t affect your chances of getting pregnant in the future. You’ll either want to be very careful or keep trying. 

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