By looking for a rehab center in Utah, you’re taking your first step in the right direction. Not only is Utah home to some of the best possible treatment centers, but the surrounding wilderness and geography provide an inspiring and relaxing setting for our residents.

Ardu Recovery Center for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in UtahLocated in the midst of the beautiful, natural splendor of northern Utah, the Ardu Recovery Center is an inpatient rehabilitation center with the perfect backdrop for recovery. Less than an hour south of Salt Lake City, Ardu Recovery Center provides a convenient location to much of the Midwest and western states. Additionally, we offer the seclusion and contemplative setting necessary for a fulfilling recovery.

The Ardu Recovery drug and alcohol rehab center in Utah features top-of-line medical facilities and highly trained practitioners of both traditional and holistic medicines. Through a personalized plan, we ensure our residents have every tool and resource necessary to reach their goal of health, happiness, and sobriety. We work together with you and give you everything necessary to rise up and reclaim your life.

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Utah

We want to ensure that we take care of all of our residents’ needs. Not every rehabilitation center is the same and not every center will be the best one for each individual resident. For example, a certain rehab center in Utah or another state may not have detox programs on-site. These centers will require you to attend a separate detox program prior to starting on a program at their location.

Other centers could include a detox program, but may not offer inpatient residential services. These services are often viewed as the most effective form of rehabilitation centers. Ardu Recovery is different from your average drug and alcohol rehab center in Utah. We strive to offer the most all-encompassing rehabilitation program that we possibly can by providing every service possible in our rehab center in Utah.

The Best Care Possible

We strive to ensure the full health and happiness of our residents from the moment they walk through our door until even after they leave our facility. This includes our resident’s physical health and addiction recovery, as well as their personal and spiritual well-being. This is why our program offers holistic therapies and treatments alongside standard medical treatments. Some of our services include:

It’s our goal to treat not only the addiction but also the mental health of our residents. This philosophy is the reason why we include and promote our holistic approach. It’s also why we offer so many spiritually enriching facets of our program.

On top of our wide range of services as a drug and alcohol rehab center in Utah, our location allows us to provide our residents with the best in terms of medical care and recovery setting. Our residents receive outstanding medical care in one of the most pristine and beautiful natural environments in America. Few centers can offer the variety and level of care that Ardu does in a similarly beautiful location. If you are ready to receive the best addiction care possible, then contact Ardu Recovery Center at 801-810-1234 in Provo, Utah.

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