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Eight Warning Signs Your Loved One May Be An Addict

Addiction is a serious disease and one that can destroy someone’s life. If that someone is your loved one or a dear friend, it’s particularly devastating to see them spiral downward into what might be an addiction. With prescription painkiller abuse increasing, especially with regards to opiates, it’s especially concerning. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (USDA) reports that 1 in 10 people struggle with some form of substance abuse. Twenty-five percent of individuals who misused prescription drugs by age 13, ended up with addiction later in life.  

Warning Signs of Drug Abuse Addiction

If you’re not sure a loved one or friend is addicted, here are eight warning signs to look for: Using a drug without a prescription, including those from friends or a family member. If you’re a parent, you would most likely know if your child is using a prescription drug. Craving a drug that’s either expired or has completed its goal of relieving pain. This is particularly true for painkillers. If a loved one keeps complaining of pain long after they should be healed, it could be they developed a tolerance to the drug and craved more to feel “good.” The drug becomes a way to cope or a source of comfort when a person has a bad day. “I just need one to get through the day,” or,” That old injury is flaring up again. I’ll just take one to get me through.” The person continues taking the drug, even with adverse reactions with other drugs or alcohol. Or, you take it while at work, despite the potential hazards. Your family member takes the drug to help eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Since symptoms can be severe, they may be afraid of getting off the drug, so continue taking it not to feel those unpleasant feelings or effects. A loved one may be getting into trouble with the law if they try and buy the drug off the street, or if the drug use resulted in an automobile accident. Their behavior changes, and they start acting guarded, offended, irritable, or even violent. Once addiction sets in, addicts require their fix and will do irrational and even dangerous things to get them. You notice the person is less sociable, stops doing activities they once loved, sleeps a lot, or has too much energy. They start withdrawing from family and maybe even friends.  

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If you’ve noticed these signs and your child or loved one has recently experienced an injury and were taking prescription painkillers for relief, it’s time to seek help. First, before you confront them, ensure they are abusing the drug and not experiencing anxiety or depression. Also, make sure they are slowing weaning off the medication to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Once you know they are addicted, contact our treatment center for help. Normally, an addict needs residential treatment therapy to detox from a drug safely. Our staff is trained and equipped with the best medical detox programs to help your loved one overcome their addiction with love and support. Please, don’t hesitate. Call us today.