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Why Consider a Holistic Drug Detox

Detoxing from drugs with pharmacological assistance is sometimes a necessity. In contrast, there are times when a holistic drug detox is a better option. Do you know what this looks like? More importantly, could this be the missing piece in your journey to recovery?

Why Consider a Holistic Drug Detox?

Why Consider a Holistic Drug Detox? Chemical dependency has been the driving force in your life for the last few months or years. You want to quit using. However, you don’t want to trade one chemical addiction for another. Stepping away from pharmaceuticals can be a good option.

How Holistic Modalities Make a Difference

The merits of pharmacological support are easy to see. They eliminate pain and help with cravings. But what does a holistic drug detox bring to the table? Examples include:
  • Guided meditation for coping skills development that provides relief for feelings of stress
  • Treatments that support physiological health and strength-building
  • Emphasis on spiritual healing outside of religion
  • Social interactions between therapists as well as peers and program participants for enrichment
  • Nutritional therapy that focuses on healing the body and paving the way for a healthy lifestyle after discharge

Specialty Services That High-Quality Detox Centers Offer

It’s not enough to say that a facility offers a holistic drug detox. The center must also deliver specialty care. One example is the availability of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Boosting oxygenation is an excellent method for speeding up the body’s healing process. Drugs or alcohol harmed your tissues. They adversely affected your health. The oxygen-rich environment of a hyperbaric chamber targets brain tissue healing. Combine it with IV amino acid treatments for the restoration of mental clarity and a return to physiological equilibrium. Another modality that you may be familiar with is Reiki. It’s the practice that focuses on a healing touch by a practitioner. The goal is to channel positive energy into the program participant, which then supports a natural healing approach. As you undergo this modality, you may also experience a boost in emotional wellness. Round out your experience with yoga and mindfulness training. These treatments support breathing exercises that include movements. As you go through withdrawal, holistic protocols work together to promote physical, mental, and emotional health.

Don’t Skip Rehab

It’s tempting to quit after detox. You feel better than you’ve felt in years. However, you still have to work through the psychological dependency because it won’t go away by itself. In fact, it can quickly derail all the progress that you’ve already made during your detoxification. When triggers and stressors combine to create situations that caused you to use in the past, you need additional tools. These tools are part of the rehab experience that includes psychotherapy as well as various behavioral treatments. Learn about holistic drug detox as well as a mens and womens rehab program by reaching out. Find out what it means to rise up and contact Ardu Recovery Center now at 801-810-1234.