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How Do I Tell My Family I’m an Addict?

How Do I Tell Family I'm An Addict

Once you take that first step in admitting you have an addiction to either alcohol or drugs, the next hardest step is telling your family. Today, we’ll discuss some helpful ways in which to tell your family, so you receive the most support.

Telling Your Family You’re an Addict

Telling someone, “I’m an addict,” could be the most difficult words you ever say. However, it’s also critical that you do tell someone—preferably your family first. It’s not easy, but sitting down and admitting you’re an addict, first and foremost, is freeing and is the beginning of recovery.

Let’s delve into how to tell your family, but first, check out the benefits you can receive by letting your family know of your addiction.

Benefits of Admission

Opening up about your addiction will take enormous pressure off you and set you on the road to recovery. If you tell your family first, it may catch them off guard, especially if they were planning on confronting you about your addiction. Marking your loved ones, a part of your recovery is vital to your success. When family and friends are aware, they form a support group that will be helpful in the long-run. When times are tough, they’ll be there to get you through them.

If your recovery involves counseling, including loved ones, so it remains a healthy relationship throughout this process. It would be best if you had people who can stay calm and collected, so ensure you have a positive support group. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from people who could be toxic to your recovery.

Helpful Steps in Telling Your Family

When everyone is calm and prepared to talk, here is a helpful step-by-step process you can use to make it easier.

Step One: Choose the Right Moment

You may think there’s never going to be the right moment to tell a family member you’re an addict, but there is, and it doesn’t include a busy place. Approach them in a comfortable, quiet location when everyone is calm and ready to talk. Sunday is an ideal time. Stay calm when they get emotional; this may be a big shock to them.

Step Two: Take Responsibility

It doesn’t matter how or when or even how many substances you’re taking, you must take responsibility for your addiction. You may want to blame your parents, a girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse, stress, or society, but in the end, it’s on you. Tell your family you take full responsibility for your actions and choices in life. Being accountable will go a long way toward getting your family in your corner.

Step Three: Make Amends

Whatever you did to hurt your family, apologize, particularly if you have wronged them or did things while on drugs that damaged relations. Trust may have been broken, and it’s up to you to mend it. If you caused someone to worry about your addiction, this is another step in taking full responsibility for your behavior.

Step Four: Educate Family Members

Before sitting down, educate yourself on recovery options and share that information with them, as well as help them understand that addiction is a disease and the road to recovery is long and challenging. Let them know it took courage for you to admit your addiction to yourself and now to them. When they see you’re serious about recovery, it could change the entire feeling in the room.

Step Five: Be Honest

This is the time to lay it all out. Tell loved ones why you chose to start taking the substance(s), whether it’s due to stress, peer pressure, or depression/anxiety; be honest. Let them know you want to recover, and you need their love and support to help them. Regardless of their initial reaction, they will most likely give you encouragement and support. They may have even seen the signs, but were waiting for you to come clean with the truth.

Last Step: Contact Ardu Recovery Center

Now that your family knows the secret or has confirmation of what they may already know, take the last step and call us. We have a knowledgeable, experienced, and caring staff who wants to see you succeed. Our facility is located near the beautiful mountains in Utah and uses a customized approach that allows you to get holistic treatment for body, mind, and spirit. Please, contact us today.