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How to Prevent a One-Time Mistake From Turning into an Addiction

People experiment with many different substances, and many have no issues with the temptation to continue or become addicted. However, other people take a drug and become hooked quickly. So, if someone experiments with drugs or alcohol, how can they prevent a one-time mistake from turning into a harmful addiction? Discover some tips in today’s blog post.  

Adolescence and Drug Addiction

You’ve heard the acronym, YOLO (you only live once) to motivate people to do things they’ve never done before. However, when it comes to trying drugs and alcohol in an adolescent, not even once should be the mantra. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), early drug usage increases a person’s chances of becoming addicted. Since drugs alter a person’s brain, especially in a growing adolescent’s brain, a pattern mustn’t develop, leading to addiction.  Stressful events, such as divorce, moving, changing schools, or bullying, can be a factor in why a teen may try drugs, as well as peer pressure. If someone starts experimenting with drugs, it could lead to dependence quickly. Once someone is hooked on drugs, it becomes difficult to recover. In an adult that tries drugs, it’s less of a risk of addiction, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t occur.   

Tips To Prevent Addiction

Drug education and prevention begins at home. It’s vitally important parents talk to their kids about drugs at an age they can understand. A good time is typically in elementary school, around ten years old. However, if a child does try drugs, it’s important to know the signs and to address them immediately before they continue using it. Stopping further drug usage can prevent an addiction from forming. Other tips include:
  • Getting Counseling – If starting drugs because of life pressures, consider getting counseling or therapy. If your child is struggling with school or relationships, talk to them, and listen to their challenges or fears. If it’s severe, schedule an appointment with their doctor for a possible referral to a psychologist.
  • Ensuring Close Family Relationships – When you have support, it’s much easier to deal with life’s challenges. Also, if you start using drugs, even if it’s just once, confide in someone, so they know. 
  • Develop Healthy Habits – Having a good outlook on life and keeping fit and eating healthy may help prevent you or your child from turning to drugs to cope. It also reduces the temptation even to try drugs or alcohol. 
  • Don’t Give In To Peer Pressure – Teens and young adults feel pressured to try things, to see what it’s like or to fit in, but depending on their genetics, a one-time mistake could develop into dependence or addiction. It may sound cliche, but teach kids to say no. If they do try it and then tell you or you find out, don’t scold or punish them. Instead, hear them out. If they tell you they just wanted to try it, let them know how dangerous drugs are and that continuing to use them could cause negative consequences. Tell them about what it could do to their health. 

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