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How To Support a Loved One With An Addiction

Helping those you love through a difficult time is not easy. The support you offer to them may make all the difference on their journey to recovery. Though the choice to overcome an addiction belongs to those facing it, they can be significantly helped.

Build Trust

Those dealing with addiction need to feel safe. They may not even recognize that they have a problem at first. For them to truly change, it will have to be their decision. Build a trusting relationship; let them know you care. Be honest about your feelings and your experience through your loved one’s addiction. 

Avoid criticizing, nagging, or lecturing. Many difficulties come along with facing an addiction. Your loved one will be going through a lot; they will need a safe place and a trusted person to confide in. Provide support without judgment. Never threaten and demean them; these actions will most certainly backfire. 

While you’re supporting someone through addiction recovery, be sure that you are not dealing with addiction yourself. It may be difficult for others to trust you if you are also dealing with unhealthy habits. 

Respect Privacy 

Going through addiction and recovery is difficult and can cause some to feel shame or embarrassment. Respect the privacy of your loved one. Do not inform others in their life of what they are dealing with. If they are currently seeking help at a rehabilitation center, do not tell others about the situation or the location of the center. It may be detrimental to your loved one’s healing process. 

Even though they are going through a hard time, treat your loved one with respect, and grant them the privacy they need to heal. They will likely feel ashamed, do what you can to ensure they also feel respected and cared for. 

Do not blame or humiliate them during recovery; it will only slow the process. Your loved one may be using addiction to cope with another problem they don’t want to face. Give it time and help them cope. They may also fear the consequences of dealing with their addiction. 

Get Help for Yourself 

Helping a loved one through addiction is very stressful; it can take a toll on anyone. You will face many difficulties throughout the process. Accept that this will take time, there is no fast track to recovery. Be prepared to face it yourself with the support you will also need. 

You will need support for yourself as you provide for your support. It may be helpful to join a support group or even seek professional help for yourself. 

If you or a loved one is seeking help through addiction recovery, contact us at Ardu. We use multiple forms of therapy to help heal the body and the mind. Our facilities are the perfect place for your loved ones to overcome their addiction.