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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

Alcohol detox

Alcohol addiction is an ugly and unfortunate disease that affects more Americans than any other form of addiction. Despite its legal status, alcohol is still a highly addictive and dangerous drug. Ardu Recovery Center’s alcohol detox specializes in restoring our residents’ bodies and minds from the grasp of alcohol addiction.

Benzodiazepin Detox

Doctors around the United States prescribe benzodiazepine or benzo drugs for several reasons. Unfortunately, they’re extremely addictive and can cause dependence quickly. Unlike other addictive drugs, most people can’t just stop taking benzos cold turkey. Instead, a benzodiazepine taper is necessary.

Opioid/Heroin Detox

Going through heroin detox is a scary thought for many people. If you use heroin, you likely fear the withdrawal process. However, in a quality detox center, you no longer need to dread this process. Your comfort, safety, and wellness come first in these licensed facilities.

I.V. Amino Acid Therapy

Addiction adversely affects the brain. Individuals with long-term addictions have major chemical imbalances within their brains that can cause major issues. Their neurotransmitters malfunction without the proper balance of chemicals called amino acids. IV Amino acid therapy attempts to correct these imbalances using holistic methods.

I.V. Hydration Therapy

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