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The Importance of a Support System

Going through addiction recovery is a difficult process—having a support system to guide you through is essential. Rely on others and connect with those your trust and you heal. Rehabilitation cannot be done alone. Support systems help you to know that you are not alone while also providing motivation and accountability. 


You Are Not Alone

When dealing with substance addiction, it is easy to become isolated. Having a support system around you will help you to know that you are not alone. Many turn their dependency from their loved ones to their substance of choice. When in recovery, support is necessary. Being able to depend on a network of people that you trust can make all the difference. It’s essential that you are surrounded by a non-judgmental and supportive group of people. A strong support system can help you to avoid relapse and know that you are not on this journey alone. 



Having a reliable support system around you can be extremely motivating. There will likely be a time during recovery when it will be difficult to carry on. Relapses and slip-ups happen—but when they do, they don’t have to be a complete downward spiral. You will likely see triggers in your life, but remember those who care about you when you face these challenges. Turn to your support system for motivation. If you cannot carry on for yourself, carry on for the people in your support group—the people that you care about. They may be the motivation you need to continue. Your support group may also be able to motivate you in other ways to keep down the pathway to your recovery. 



Support systems don’t just provide motivation; they also provide accountability. Being accountable to peers and others that you care about care help you keep on track. It’s much easier to reach goals when you are accountable to someone. Be sure that it is someone you trust and are comfortable with. Accountability is meant to help you, not pressure you. 

Be in touch regularly with those in your support group. They need to be informed and understand your challenges. Set goals with them throughout your recovery. Trust them and their point of view as they encourage you through the process. This support group should be there for you no matter what—whether or not you are making the improvements you are hoping to. 


How to Build a Support System 

A support system can be made up of family, friends, or others. The most important thing is that your support group is supportive, trusted, and safe. Include people who can provide different perspectives or possibly some who have dealt with similar experiences. It may also be helpful to draw inspiration or advice from someone who has recovered successfully. Professional support is also vital to a successful support group. 

For professional support through addiction recovery, contact the Ardu Recovery Center. If you or a loved one is looking for rehabilitation—we can help.