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The Opioid Epidemic Utah Faces

The opioid epidemic Utah currently faces is a reason for concern. An alarming number of people have addictions to dangerous opioid drugs that are known to cause withdrawal, overdose, and accidental death. If you or a loved one has an addiction to prescription opioids or heroin, it might be time to seek professional intervention. Finding a quality rehab for your problem could ultimately save your life or the life of someone you love.

The Dangers of the Opioid Epidemic Utah Faces

The Opioid Epidemic Utah FacesIt’s common knowledge that addiction to any habit-forming drug can be harmful. This is because regular use of psychoactive substances alters the chemical makeup and function of the brain. It also generally lowers inhibition and prevents personal growth among users. However, opioids are among the most destructive substances in the world. They are responsible for more overdoses and accidental deaths than any other type of drug.

Medical professionals commonly prescribe narcotic opioids like hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine to help manage mild to moderate pain. Heroin is an illegal substance that also falls under the opioid category. These substances work by attaching to pain receptors in the brain, spinal cord, and other parts of the body. They minimize the perception of pain felt in the body by reducing the volume of pain messages that get sent to the brain.

When taken in small doses as directed, opioid medications offer effective pain relief. However, their highly addictive nature can easily lead to increased tolerance, dependency, and full-blown addiction if usage continues for a long time or in large doses. For this reason, even prescription opioids should only be for short-term use.

Currently, millions of American citizens are living with uncontrollable addictions to opioids. The opioid epidemic Utah faces right now is responsible for many new rehab admissions each year. Unfortunately, there are many more people who need treatment that will never reach out for help. The result will be more overdoses and deaths.

If the nation’s opioid epidemic affects you personally, you could benefit from finding a quality Utah opioid addiction treatment program. While your urges to abuse opioids will never completely dissipate, rehab can teach you how to resist giving in. You can also gain valuable tools for avoiding future addiction triggers and potential temptations.

Treatment is Available in Provo

If you’re ready to remove yourself from the opioid epidemic Utah is up against, consider treatment at Ardu Recovery Center in Provo. We offer treatment programs that we can modify to meet your specific needs and bring you better results. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your addiction, we have programs that can guide you towards total sobriety.

Just a few programs we offer include:

Overcome Addiction and Start Building a Healthy Foundation for Lasting Sobriety

If you find yourself caught up in the country’s opioid epidemic, then get professional help now. The specialists at Ardu Recovery Center in Provo would like to help you ease away from drug addiction and towards a sober future. To learn more about the various routes of treatment we offer, please contact Ardu Recovery Center at 801-810-1234 as soon as possible. The clean and independent lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of awaits you.