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Utah Detox Center

We provide comfort medications to ease the symptoms of acute withdrawal, as well as offer a “Treat and Taper” program where we slowly wean our clients off of the controlled substance that is keeping them from experiencing some common adverse effects of withdrawal such as seizures, delirium tremens, and others.

We offer 24/7 trained medical staff that is just as inclined to sit and talk you through a difficult time as they are to treat your symptoms with medication. They are passionate about recovery – many of them in recovery themselves – and it shows in the way our clients are treated. We also offer a number of alternative modalities, including a Float Spa, Vibroacoustic Lounge, Oxygen Bar, Amino Acid Therapy, Sound Baths, and many others. It’s hospital-level care in a spa-like environment.

Benefits of a Detox Center

Utah Medical Detox Center: Utah Medical Detox Center
Withdrawal and detox from drugs and alcohol can not only be extremely uncomfortable but dangerous as well. By choosing Ardu’s detox program, patients can take comfort in knowing that a full-time medical provider is managing their symptoms in a safe and therapeutic way.
We have a 24/7 medical staff who assess and evaluate patients for negative symptoms consistently throughout their stay in detox. By using medication-assisted treatment, our medical staff ensures that recovery isn’t synonymous with suffering.

Detox vs Rehab

How detox differs from rehab

  • Detox differs from social rehab by utilizing full-time medical staff to assess and manage adverse withdrawal symptoms immediately. Medication-assisted treatment eases the negative physical and emotional symptoms common to detoxing patients.

Why it can benefit many who are looking to get sober/clean

  • The uncomfortable and often unbearable effects of drug and alcohol withdrawal are the most common reason for failed attempts at sobriety. By managing these symptoms with medication, patients have the opportunity to gain momentum in their recovery like never before.

Forms of Detoxification

Ardu Recovery Center specializes in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, including:
  • Opiates/Heroin
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Methamphetamines
  • THC
  • Prescription Pills
  • Cocaine

Why Choose a Detox Center

Combining Detox & Treatment

The first and most important step in any addiction treatment program is the detox. Detox is one assisted by doctors, nurses, and a full medical staff to supply necessary medications and treatments. If you are suffering from addiction, getting help from a facility like Ardu Recovery Center gives you the best chance for a successful and comfortable detox experience.

Despite the best of intentions, there are still people who will fail to recover fully after entering treatment. Trouble often comes from the “downtime” experienced between leaving detox and entering rehab. Ardu Recovery Center’s detox center is combined with our residential treatment facility to ensure a simple treatment journey with a lessened chance of relapse.

Detox FAQs

Are There Any Side Effects of Detox?

Common withdrawal symptoms including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can lead to severe dehydration that could require emergency services. When detoxing from alcohol, seizures, hallucinations and delirium tremens can quickly turn deadly without appropriate medical attention. Additionally, depression, suicidal thoughts or behavior can occur during the detox phase.

What Substances Require Detox?

While some substances can be detoxed from without additional medical treatment, alcohol and benzo withdrawal can be life-threatening without the use of medication-assisted treatment. Additionally, the often mild symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea associated with opiate withdrawal can turn to severe dehydration, making medically assisted treatment a safer, more comfortable option.

Is Detox Painful?

Detoxing from substances that your body has come to rely on can be emotionally and physically painful. The brain is initially unable to reproduce the endorphins needed to ease that pain as it’s become accustomed to drugs and alcohol artificially providing them. By choosing Ardu’s detox program, the unpleasant emotional and physical symptoms can be managed by highly qualified medical personnel, supplemented with medication when appropriate.

When Is Detox Needed?

Detox is appropriate if you experience physical withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop drugs or alcohol, if drugs or alcohol are affecting your job, relationships or emotional state, or if you’ve been unsuccessful in your prior attempts at detox and recovery.

How Long Does Detox Take?

Detox typically takes between 5-7 days but can vary depending on the substance and individual patient’s needs.


“The recovery staff and nurses are truly what creates the family here.” – former client
“This program is on its way to greatness.” – former client
“I love you, Ardu.” – former client
“My mind hasn’t been this clear in 21 years.” – former client
“This was the best treatment I’ve ever had.” – former client

Why Choose Ardu Recovery Center?

Ardu Recovery Center is a state of the art treatment center located near the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah. With a modern and pristine facility, clients have a variety of luxurious amenities to enjoy during their stay including a float spa, oxygen bar, vibroacoustic lounge, and full gym and sauna. With 24/7 medical staff and hospital-level care, clients come to Ardu with the peace of mind of knowing their detox and recovery will be handled with extraordinary care offered by an extraordinary staff.