The most first and most important step in any addiction treatment program is the medical detox. A medical detox is one assisted by doctors, nurses, and a full medical staff to supply necessary medications and treatments. If you are suffering from addiction, getting help from a facility like Ardu Recovery Center gives you the best chance for a successful and comfortable detox experience.

Why a Medical Detox Center?

salt lake city medical detox center ardu recovery centerWith the rise of medical websites and online health gurus, there is tons of information out there concerning detoxes and getting clean. The simple truth, though, is that if you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, attempting a detox on your own is never the best idea. Ardu Recovery Center’s Salt Lake City medical detox center can provide you with expert staff and cutting-edge medicine in a serene healing environment. We strive to make your medical detox process as simple as possible.

“At home” detoxes are not a comparable substitute for medical detox. Any at home detox regimen simply isn’t intended to help rid the body of toxins from drug addictions. However, they are a small, limited form of what a true medical detox offers. Detoxing in a facility with a responsive and knowledgeable medical staff ensures you get the most comfortable and easiest detox possible. Avoid “at home” detoxes for any serious drug addiction such as:

  • Heroin
  • Prescription Pills
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Methamphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines

Combining Detox and Treatment

No one comes to rehab treatment not intending to be successful. Despite this, there are still people who will fail to recover fully. Several factors can contribute to a residents chance of success. Ardu’s specialists will do all we can to control those factors we are able to control. For example, one big change of relapse comes from the “downtime” sometimes experienced between after leaving detox and before entering rehab. To combat this, some rehab programs do not have medical detox on site.

This two-step recovery process also leads to a greater chance of relapse. This is why Ardu Recovery Center’s Salt Lake City medical detox center is combined with our residential treatment facility to ensure a simple treatment journey with a lessened chance of relapse.

At Ardu Recovery Center we take every possible step to give our residents a successful recovery. This is why our Salt Lake City medical detox center is an all-inclusive, one-stop center for your addiction rehab. We combine on-site medical detox treatment with inpatient rehab addiction treatment services to give our residents a seamless recovery experience. We want to allow our residents to focus solely on their health and recovery.

The Best Way to Detox

The ordeal of suffering through withdrawal is incredibly difficult. Because of this, few who go through withdrawal without medical assistance are successful. Also, the chance of relapse is significantly higher when attempting a self-detox and depending on the addiction death is a possibility. These are far too great of risks to take on when battling drug addiction. Entering a medical detox center is also the most comfortable way to under a major drug detox.

Suffering through the terrible symptoms of withdrawal is not your only option. We can find a detox plan which works for you, helping to make the process as easy as possible. Contact Ardu Recovery Center at 801-810-1234 now and begin the process of recovery today.