Although you may feel very much alone in your battle with drug and alcohol addiction, you’re not in it by yourself. The people who love and care about you are also in this fight. When you make the decision to recover from addiction, you should expect to go through a lot of therapy to address your issues. Individual and group therapy both offer unique benefits, and so does family therapy.

Addiction and the Family

Family Therapy Program - Ardu Recovery Center, Provo UTJust as every family is different, addiction affects each one differently. What’s common to all is some sequence of adverse events. In many cases, users lie to everyone around them. In others, loved ones fall into a codependent relationship that’s dysfunctional and stressful.

Family members often want users to get help, and they grow increasingly frustrated and angry when users won’t even admit to a problem.

Why is family therapy important in addiction recovery? Drug and alcohol abuse impact more than one person. It affects everyone in their life. In many cases, however, family members aren’t sure how to help. They may enable the user without even knowing it.

Family therapy educates the user and her loved ones on what may have contributed to the addiction. It also lets them know the changes everyone needs to make to help the user have the best chance at lasting recovery.

The Need for a Family Therapy Program in Addiction Treatment

Addiction causes damage in every area of a person’s life. Not only does he suffer physical and emotional damage, but his relationships with his loved ones suffer as well.

Until you take part in a family therapy program, you may not realize the impact addiction has on your parents, siblings, or children. It’s incredibly common for family members to adopt different roles when someone abuses drugs and alcohol.

Family therapy can be challenging and revealing. It can be tough admitting to any abuse that’s gone on or mistakes you’ve made. However, being completely honest and open is the best way to move forward and heal. The hard truths everyone faces in therapy can set the stage for stronger, more loving relationships in the future.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Most rehab facilities provide various types of therapy. Benefits of a family therapy program include:

  • Educating family members on the complexities of addiction
  • Giving everyone involved the chance and space to ask questions and voice concerns
  • Improving communication between the user and her loved ones
  • Providing family members with tools to help the user in recovery
  • Repairing broken bonds

During family therapy sessions, everyone is encouraged to freely talk about the problem — addiction — and its impact on them.

Rising Up From Addiction

Ardu Recovery Center is a holistic addiction treatment center in Utah. Located in Provo, we also provide traditional, evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Our experienced staff uses mindfulness-based interventions to facilitate whole-body healing.

The services we offer include:

We don’t treat addiction as a symptom. Instead, we address the underlying issues in order to help residents break the damaging cycle of drug and alcohol abuse.

If you’re tired of addiction keeping you down, you can make the choice to rise up from it. Give the caring staff at Ardu Recovery Center the opportunity to partner with you on your journey to lasting sobriety. Contact Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234 to learn more.