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Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Drug Addiction Treatment Program
If you or a loved one suffers from a drug addiction, then you’re likely aware of the pain it can cause. The good news is that an addiction isn’t something you have to live with. Ardu Recovery Center offers a highly effective drug addiction treatment program designed to give residents control over their lives again.

Ardu Recovery Center's Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Ardu Recovery Center's Drug Addiction Treatment Program
At Ardu Recovery Center, we strongly believe in providing assistance and care for our residents along every step of their journey. Being a residential facility allows us to offer 24/7 support and care to our residents. Furthermore, we can offer an inclusive rehab experience at our residential facility.

This form of treatment reduces the chances of relapse and increases residents’ engagement in the recovery process. Also, active participation in your drug addiction treatment program ensures the greatest chance of lasting success.

Another important facet of Ardu Recovery’s Salt Lake City drug addiction treatment program is our commitment to dual diagnosis treatment and integrative medicine. We understand that addiction often doesn’t occur alone. It can occur alongside a plethora of other diseases or mental health issues.
Because of this, we maintain a strong focus on treating all aspects of our residents’ health. We don’t just treat their physical symptoms, but also their mental health and spiritual well-being. Therefore, by completely treating and healing each individual as a whole, we return them to their old lives with newfound tools to fight their addictions.

What You’ll Experience

Entering a Salt Lake City drug addiction treatment program can be an intimidating experience, especially if you are traveling from far away for your treatment. Despite this, at Ardu Recovery Center, you will encounter a relaxing, rejuvenating environment surrounded by a caring, compassionate staff.
We will guide you to craft a rehab program hand-picked with treatments that will work well for you. Some of these rehab treatments may include:
By offering a variety of treatment options designed to target specific facets of your addiction, we can find the perfect combination of treatments for each resident. Your unique rehab regimen is your roadmap to a successful recovery. However, your commitment to the process ensures your Salt Lake City drug addiction treatment program will have maximum effectiveness.

How to Approach Your Treatment

The most important thing for any resident in a successful recovery is a commitment to the process. Additionally, you should have a genuine desire to stay clean. Without this personal drive, your chances for success decrease greatly.
Our staff works hard to make sure you have every opportunity for success during your Salt Lake City drug addiction treatment. It’s up to each resident to make the most of those opportunities in creating a new life for themselves.

Stop living under the cloud of addiction. Ardu Recovery Center’s custom addiction treatment program can give every individual resident the fighting chance they deserve to overcome their addiction. Rise up, and take control over your life again. Contact Ardu Recovery Center at 801-810-1234 today to start working on your addiction treatment program.

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