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Who To Surround Yourself With During Recovery

Going through recovery is challenging, but with the right support group, it can be much more manageable. The people around can significantly impact you and your chances of success. Be sure that throughout the process of dealing with your addiction, you are surrounded by people who will help you recover.



Supportive friends cannot be overstated. A recovery process is a difficult time—you will need support now more than over. A supportive friend can offer love and encouragement when you hit those low points that you are sure to hit at some point. When you forget why you are doing this or just feel a moment of weakness, turn to those supportive people. 

Relapse is also very common during recovery. A supportive friend can help you to ensure that this was a one time mistake and not completely undoing all of your hard work. A genuinely supportive friend will not enable you but will encourage you. 



Having a friend who has been through a similar trial or hardship can be very helpful—there is nothing quite like empathy. 

Dealing with an addiction can feel very isolating at times—having a friend who can relate makes a world of difference. If you don’t have a friend who can understand, consider joining a support group — recovering is much easier when you have this camaraderie. Feeling a part of a community helps you to realize that you’re not alone. 



It can be challenging to avoid your addiction, especially if your friends are drinking or using drugs.  Spend time around sober individuals. Surrounding yourself with sober friends can help you stay sober yourself. You can learn to have enjoyable experiences without the use of drugs or alcohol. 

If you are spending time with friends who are drinking or using substances, it’s much easier to fall into old habits. You may be especially vulnerable toward the beginning of your recovery process. 



There will likely be times when you question your resolve. When those moments come, be sure that you have a friend with strong boundaries that will help you through them. They can help you through internal struggles and provide you strength in weak times. Being accountable to friends that will not excuse your behavior is crucial. Sometimes you may just need a friend to help you stick to your commitments. 


Negative Influences 

Keep in mind that as helpful as supportive and encourage people in your life can be, negative influences can be just as impactful. Be sure to avoid any people who would detail your progress. If you are feeling judged, pressured, or any other negative emotions around a person, it may be a good idea to avoid them during recovery. 


If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction recovery, there is hope for a full recovery. At Ardu, we use various therapies and methods to help each individual down the road of recovery. Contact us today to learn more.