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Colorado Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Colorado Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center
Living with a drug or alcohol use disorder is extremely difficult and isolating, and many people try to hide their addiction from their loved ones. However, the sooner a person reaches out for professional help to combat their addiction, the sooner they can find their fresh, sober start. At Ardu Recovery Center, we have seen people from all backgrounds and with different types of addiction, ranging from alcohol and drugs, such as opiates, heroin, and Benzodiazepines, walk through our doors.
If you are wondering if it is time for you to check in to a rehabilitation center, you probably should. Acceptance of having a drug dependency problem is the first step to recovery. You do not need to have a severe addiction to an illicit substance to seek professional help. If substance abuse is impacting the trajectory of your life, it is time to pick up the phone and talk to us.
We believe that everyone deserves a second chance to turn their life around, and sometimes, it takes multiple chances. We offer residential and outpatient treatment programs, dual diagnosis treatment, CBT and DBT behavioral therapies, and wellness activities, such as yoga and Reiki.
If you reside in the following Colorado cities: Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aspen, or somewhere in between, you can count on us to help you turn your life around. Please get in touch with us with any questions you have