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Heroin and morphine are dangerous drugs. They combine a high addiction potential with painful opiate withdrawal symptoms. Besides that, it’s easy to relapse when you’re trying to quit. Therefore, it makes sense to get professional help; here’s what this looks like.

Adding Opioids To The Mix

Opiate Withdrawal SymptomsIt’s interesting to note that opiate withdrawal symptoms also apply to opioid pain pills. Examples include hydrocodone or oxycodone. These synthetics feature a similar addiction profile. Most importantly, they can be a gateway drug for opiates.

Common Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

Expect to notice the first withdrawal symptoms eight to 12 hours after the last drug use. They may start with agitation that gradually progresses into anxiety. You feel under the weather. Many people report that it’s a lot like a nasty cold.

Because you withhold the chemicals from your body, there’s no longer the interruption between the body and brain. As the two reconnect, you feel muscles cramps. A gastrointestinal upset could result in dehydration if you’re not under medical supervision. Besides that, you’ll deal with a deepening depression.

Mood swings are now your new normal. You can’t sleep well. Similarly, you struggle with intense cravings.

How a Stay at an Addiction Treatment Facility Helps

Did you know that you don’t have to suffer during withdrawal? Enrolling in a good-quality detox and subsequent rehab program makes the process comfortable and productive. Withdrawal includes:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment, which assists with brain tissue healing
  • IV amino acid therapy treatments as a means to prevent dehydration and administer pain relief
  • Group therapy that provides addiction education and helps you understand the mechanics of withdrawal
  • Easy transfer to the rehab portion of care as you complete the withdrawal process

When you work with a facility that offers medical and clinical care at the same location, you minimize relapse. Whether you undergo a heroin or hydrocodone addiction treatment program, the transition is seamless. Most importantly, you already feel comfortable with care providers and peers. This setup makes it more likely for you to finish treatment.

The Long-Term Goal of Rehab

Why should you put yourself through the discomfort of withdrawal? For many, relationships and jobs are at stake. Others had a health scare and realized that they have to quit using. Maybe it scared you that you couldn’t just stop using when you thought you were in control.

Rehab prepares you for a complete lifestyle change. You learn life skills that make it easier to navigate challenging situations. Coping skills let you find new ways of dealing with triggers and stressors. Most importantly, you have a daily structure that doesn’t include buying, using, or recovering from drugs.

Are you ready to rise up again after the opiate withdrawal symptoms? Therapists at the Ardu Recovery Center want to help you. Treatment starts with detoxification and sees you all the way through rehab. Contact Ardu Recovery today at 801-810-1234.