Struggling with opioid addiction is a problem many people share with you and your family. Through quality hydrocodone addiction treatment in Utah, you can end your opioid abuse and enjoy a healthier, happier way of life. This future feels far away now. But in fact, all of the fears you face in going into rehab start fading once you are there.

Before Your Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment Program - Ardu Recovery CenterIf you suffer addiction to these leading opioids, your hydrocodone addiction treatment starts with detox. Detox is never easy. However, being in a medically supervised detox program helps you get through the worst symptoms of withdrawal more easily. This is especially true if you have a choice between holistic detox and medically assisted programs.

The severity of your detox experience depends on many factors. These include your physical health, history of substance abuse, typical dosing for your hydrocodone and how long you used these dangerous drugs. Some people struggle with withdrawal more than others. Likewise, some get through the process more easily than others with a similar addiction background.

Regardless of your addiction history, it is always better to gain medical supervision and assistance for your hydrocodone addiction treatment. Detox plays an essential role in preparing you for rehab, where true recovery begins. So never try detox at home, where you can suffer medical emergencies or even relapse, as claims the lives many people each year.

In a quality detox program, you gain access to a wide range of treatments and services. At Ardu Recovery Center’s opiate detox Salt Lake City residents trust, these treatments and services include:

Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment After Detox

As said before, hydrocodone addiction recovery begins after detox. Many people think getting sober means you will stay clean and get back to normal life without a problem. This is very far from true. Without the skills and therapies gained in rehab, you do not stand a chance against relapse.

One of the most critical parts of your recovery is your chosen hydrocodone addiction treatment program. Also called rehab, this hydrocodone addiction treatment center in Utah helps you understand why you fell into substance abuse in the first place. You gain insights needed to put that past behind you and start a better life. But you need a good measure of therapy and support to achieve that better life.

At a quality hydrocodone addiction treatment center in Utah, therapies and treatments important to your addiction recovery include:

  • Residential and OP rehab
  • Physician’s office onsite
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Traditional cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness-based interventions
  • Massara, Reiki, yoga, and other wellness activities

For people ages 18 to 28, all of these therapies and services take place at Ardu Recovery Center, your hydrocodone addiction treatment center in Utah. You easily transition from holistic and medically-assisted detox into your hydrocodone addiction treatment program. Once in rehab, you end the cycle of your addiction even if you suffered multiple relapses in the past.

Why Ardu Recovery Center Meets Your Recovery Needs

Ardu Recovery Center’s hydrocodone addiction treatment program meets your needs because this quality detox and rehab provide a unique, innovative and balanced approach to true healing after hydrocodone addiction. If your opioid abuse started with chronic pain, you can still enjoy a strong and active future with Ardu Recovery Center’s help.

Stop letting your addiction or chronic pain with substance abuse limit your life. Regain a brighter future with the help of Ardu Recovery Center, where you rise up against your past. For more information about hydrocodone addiction treatment, call Ardu Recovery today at 801-810-1234.